Zenless Zone Zero – Can you restart your account and start again in ZZZ?

Perhaps choosing your protagonist requires a little more thought than simply picking male or female, as restarting your ZZZ account is significantly harder than it initially lets on.

Here’s everything you need to know about restarting your ZZZ account.

Can you reset your account in ZZZ?

Choosing Wise on protagonist choice screen in ZZZ
Is this choice an important one for you? Screenshot by Dot Esports

Unfortunately no, it isn’t possible to restart your ZZZ playthrough. HoYoverse games are directly linked to your account, which means your progress is automatically saved for every action you do, including the selection of your main character. Everything you do in ZZZ is automatically uploaded onto your account, so all saved data is run directly through your email address. Your address can link to multiple platforms, meaning your ZZZ playthrough is transferable on PlayStation 5, PC, and mobile.

As there’s no way to reset your progress, you have no choice but to create a new account (use a different email address) to restart ZZZ.

The ability to play ZZZ on multiple platforms is incredibly helpful in dealing with crashes and bugs, but it cannot help you if you want to start your playthrough from scratch. Choosing the wrong protagonist for you or getting an Agent you don’t want are all part and parcel of Zenless Zone Zero.

The inability to restart your playthrough is likely to reduce the risk of players cheating the gacha system. Although you may want to change your protagonist as early as the tutorial section, it isn’t possible to do so. We even tested deleting ZZZ‘s saved data on PS5 but found that ZZZ resumed the playthrough where we left off, and restored the saved data on the console storage.

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