Zenless Zone Zero – How to change difficulty settings in ZZZ

You may be used to the fast-paced action of Zenless Zone Zero, but as the Ethereal grow tankier and their health pool rises, it may be time to rethink your difficulty setting before you get yourself killed.

Here’s how to set your difficulty and alter the story to suit you in ZZZ.

How to change story difficulty in ZZZ

Casual mode description in ZZZ
Enter The Hare and the Proxy to set your difficulty for the first time. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You chose difficulty inside your ZZZ settings. To make it clear from the jump, you can’t adjust your difficulty until you enter The Hare and the Proxy Trial. This is the first Trial of Zenless Zone Zero and counts as the start of the story. You cannot change your difficulty at the start of the game. It only becomes available after completing the tutorial with Anby, seeing HQ for the first time as Belle or Wise, and re-entering the Hollow with Anby and Billy.

There are only two difficulties to pick from in ZZZ. These are:

  • Casual Mode: A story-focused mode with easier combat. Best for casual players.
  • Challenge Mode: Harder combat for intermediate and expert gamers used to HoYoverse combat.
Difficulty selection in ZZZ settings
Adjust when you see fit. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You can select either mode from The Hare and the Proxy onwards. You can adjust this setting before or during a Trial. But we highly recommend setting this before to avoid gameplay issues, lag, or crashes. You can find the different difficult modes inside your Settings. Visit this at HQ (before the Trial) or during a mission to adjust your gameplay settings and difficulty. Scroll down to Other to find the story difficulty setting. Switch to Casual or Challenge based on your preference.

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