Zenless Zone Zero – How to perform a Perfect Assist in ZZZ

In Zenless Zone Zero, one of the most important mechanics you must master during combat is a Perfect Assist, which helps combine your three characters’ strengths for some incredible sequences.

Before worrying about getting any free pulls, you’ll need to learn about the combat system of the game, including Perfect Assists. A Perfect Assist occurs when a player switches characters at the right moment, causing them to summon another character to either block or dodge the attack while also launching their own counter-attack in a smooth transition.

It’s a great way to add fluidity to the combat system and also shows off the game’s unique art style as you zip and zoom your characters in and out of the battlefield. If you’re trying to add some flair to your fights, here is how to perform a Perfect Assist in ZZZ.

Completing a Perfect Assist in Zenless Zone Zero

Perfect Assist indicator in ZZZ
The perfect moment. Screenshot by Dot Esports

To complete a Perfect Assist in ZZZ, you must have enough Assist Points to prompt the mechanic, which is built up by completing Chain Attacks. You can have up to six Assist Points saved up during a fight, but you’ll need to be aware of how much you have as you jump into the fray against some tough enemies.

To pull off an Assist, you need to wait until an enemy is about to strike. The perfect timing for an Assist lies when a bright yellow light suddenly shines from the enemy for a quick second, which is when you should hit the button or key to tag in a new character.

Depending on the character, you’ll either pull off a Defensive Assist in the form of a parry or an Evasive Assist in the form of a dodge, allowing you to counter the attack or dash back to safety. If you parry an oncoming attack, you’ll apply a ton of Daze to the enemy to stun them. If you dodge the ability instead, you’ll have plenty of time to launch your own attack as the enemy misses.

Defensive or Evasive Assists will cost one Assist Point each and can look incredible as you weave multiple different attacks together for a massive combo.

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