Zenless Zone Zero Starlight Engine – How to complete Trial No. 3 in ZZZ

You won’t have trouble finding side quests, challenges, and commissions to complete in Zenless Zone Zero, especially with all the events like Rookie on the Road that HoYoverse has added to the game upon its release.

Between taking pictures of cats and keeping Agents safe in the Hollow, you’ll have your hands full in Zenless Zone Zero. Belle and Wise have a lot to do to make a name for themselves both in and outside the Hollow. One of the tasks that moves your progress forward is Trials, a set of challenges that get progressively more and more challenging. If you’re looking to start and complete Trial No. 3, this guide is for you.

How to start Trial No. 3 in Zenless Zone Zero

Trial 3 event in ZZZ
Claim ’em all. Screenshot by Dot Esports

To start Trial No. 3 in Zenless Zone Zero, you must complete all Trial No. 1 and No. 2 Primer challenges in the Compendium. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown:

  1. Open the Pause menu by pressing Esc on PC, Options on PlayStation, or tapping the ME icon in the upper left corner of the screen on mobile.
  2. Select the Compendium (Notepad icon) on the bottom portion of the screen.
  3. In the Primer tab, you can find challenges to complete. Once you complete those challenges, you can Claim the Trial rewards and move on to the next level.
  4. Once you get to Trial No. 3, you’re ready to start completing the Starlight Engine task from the Rookie on the Road event in Zenless Zone Zero.

All Trial No. 3 challenges in Zenless Zone Zero

All Trial 3 challenges in ZZZ
All the rewards. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Below, you can find a list of all Trial No. 3 challenges, how to complete them, and the rewards you can get in Zenless Zone Zero:

Trial 3 Challenge How to complete Rewards
Complete the Main Chapter “Cat’s Lost and Found” Follow the main story objectives until that main chapter is complete. 100 Inter-Knot Credit
10,000 Denny
Reach 4000 Engagement in today’s Errands Complete errands in your free time until you reach 400 engagements. 100 Inter-Knot Credit
2 W-Engine Energy
Upgrade two Agents to Lv. 20 From the Agents menu, promote two characters past level 10 and then level them up to 20. 100 Inter-Knot Credit
2 Senior Investigation
Upgrade two W- Engines to Lv. 20 From the Storage menu, level up two W-Engines to level 20. 100 Inter-Knot Credit
2 W-Engine Energy
Obtain five Officer Mewmew Medals Speak with Officer Mewmew in Sixth Street and claim five medals for completing side quests on the street 100 Inter-Knot Credit
2 Senior Investigation

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