Zenless Zone Zero tier list (July 2024) – Best and worst ZZZ characters, ranked

Agents in Zenless Zone Zero are paramount in helping you clear quests on the map and enrich your gameplay experience by giving you access to diverse attack, stun, and support characters.

You can obtain these agents in Zenless Zone Zero by completing the story quests and using the pulls to get the limited banner agents. Choosing the ideal team composition becomes critical as the game’s meta is still getting established, with players mainly focusing on Elements or Faction-based agents.

Here is our Zenless Zone Zero agents tier list, which includes all 16 characters available on the game’s release for everyone.

Zenless Zone Zero: All Agents tier list

Picture of tier-list which shows the best agents to use in Zenless Zero Zone.
Quite the variety. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Tiermaker.com

As the game’s meta evolves, multiple A or B tier agents should be making their way up the ladder. However, several agents have few or no synergies at the game’s launch, undermining their potential to shine on the list.

S Tier


Picture of Ellen Joe in Zenless Zero Zone.
Ellen Joe. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Strongest Main DPS unit in the game.
  • She has suitable support in Lycaon and Soukaku, who provide her with stuns and damage buffs.
  • Good mobility allows her to dodge enemy attacks.


  • First-Limited Time Banner Character, so getting your hands on her will be tough.
  • She might get shadowed in the list by other characters in the future.


Picture of Von Lycaon in Zenless Zero Zone.
Von Lycaon. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Builds Daze to deliver powerful stuns, enabling the Main DPS in the team.
  • Synergy with Ice units like Ellen and Soukaku as he decreases enemies’ resistance to Ice damage, and also has a Faction synergy with another support in Rina.
  • One of the most potent stun agents in the game.


  • His efficiency falls quite a bit outside mono-ice teams.



Picture of Alexandrina Sebastiane in Zenless Zero Zone.
Alexandrina Sebastiane. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Best support for Electric teams.
  • Has little minions that help other allies in the team deal damage.
  • Increases PEN for allies, buffing damage to allies.


  • She shines in Electric teams but falls in other elemental squads. Her synergy with Faction Housekeeping keeps her in the high tier.


Picture of Koleda Belobog in Zenless Zero Zone.
Koleda Belobog. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • A versatile stun pick who shines in Fire Elemental teams and also does well in other teams.
  • She also has one of the best Quick Stun rotations, making her stuns easy to trigger.
  • She can synergize with agents like Ben who belong to the same faction.


Soldier 11

Picture of Soldier 11 in Zenless Zero Zone.
Soldier 11. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Powerful Fire Main DPS who excels in taking single-target enemies.
  • She can add Fire effects to her attacks by using her Chain Attack, EX Special Attack, or Ultimate, which amplifies her damage to enemies.
  • She can pair well with stun as she deals more fire damage to them.


  • Lack of AOE effects on her damage.
  • More challenging to master due to the timing of triggering her fire attacks in the fight.


Picture of Grace Howrad in Zenless Zero Zone.
Grace Howard. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Strong Electric Main DPS.
  • Due to her shock effect and anomaly, she can stun enemies, making her quite versatile in her DPS role.
  • She has decent mobility in her kit.


  • Building Anamoly on enemies could be a challenge.


Picture of Luciana de Montefio in Zenless Zero Zone.
Luciana de Montefio. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Her Guard Boars deal off-field damage, which is fantastic when added to any team’s attacks.
  • Perfect for free-based teams.
  • She buffs allies’ attack.


  • Buffs are harder to maintain.


Picture of Nekomiya Mana in Zenless Zero Zone.
Nekomiya Mana. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Great AoE damage which makes tackling waves of enemies very easy.
  • Easy to use.
  • Great synergy with Cunning Hares faction.


  • Lack of options for physical element.
  • Does not have single-enemy type damage, which makes it harder to take down bosses.


Picture of Soukaku in Zenless Zero Zone.
Soukaku. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Has amazing Synergy with Ice characters like Ellen and Lycaon.
  • Good Daze.
  • Has great buffs which are easier to trigger.


  • She is not as strong as other ice characters in the game.



Picture of Nicole Demara in Zenless Zero Zone.
Nicole Demara. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • She is one of the best starting supports, having great damage in her kit.
  • Ultimate dishes out huge damage.
  • Lots of synergy with free-to-play characters.


  • She can’t use her Ether abilities well, as currently, no Ether characters are in the game.


Picture of Anby Demara in Zenless Zero Zone.
Anby Demara. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Starter character, so easier to collect copies.
  • Decent stuns.
  • Synergy with Electric characters.


  • Least attractive stun character compared to other options in the meta.


Picture of Anton Ivanov in Zenless Zero Zone.
Anton Ivanov. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Only Main DPS who has Electric element.
  • Pairs well with meta support Rina.
  • Deals decent damage.


  • Needs Electric regen to perform consistently.
  • Might fall behind when an S-Tier Electric DPS character comes into the game.


Picture of Piper Wheel in Zenless Zero Zone.
Piper Wheel. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Good AOE damage with her spins.
  • Key component for making physical teams work.
  • Can inflict Assault on enemies and pair well with other agents.


  • She is restricted to physical team comps, which are weaker in the meta at the moment.
  • Her faction is also very restricted, making it harder for her to unlock her additional ability.


Billy Kid

Picture of Billy Kid in Zenless Zero Zone.
Billy Kid. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Good mobility.
  • Decent Damage.
  • Multi-hit ultimate.


  • Damage falls off in the mid-game, making it a good starter unit.


Picture of Corin Wickes in Zenless Zero Zone.
Corin Wickes. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • She can dish out colossal charge damage.
  • Synergy with Housekeeping faction units, who are very strong in the meta.


  • Over-dependence on stuns for dealing damage consistently
  • Charging attacks makes her vulnerable to other enemies.


Picture of Corin Wickes in Zenless Zero Zone.
Ben Bigger. Screenshot by Dot Esports


  • Synergy with Fire units.
  • Provides Shields.


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