Zenless Zone Zero – Who does Sam Slade voice in ZZZ?

One of the more popular Agents in Zenless Zone Zero is actually voiced by none other than Sam Slade, who many ZZZ players are already praising as having done a really phenomenal job of bringing this Agent to life.

Here’s who Sam Slade voiced in ZZZ (and what else she’s done).

Who does Sam Slade voice in ZZZ, answered

Anby in ZZZ
She voices Anby! Screenshot by Dot Esports

Sam Slade is the English voice actress for Anby Demara in ZZZ. She’s an A-rank Electric-attribute Agent from the Cunning Hares faction.

Anby is mysterious. She doesn’t like to talk about her past because she doesn’t remember it and has airhead qualities. She’s well-known for lacking common sense, so much so that she believes everything she sees in movies and television to be accurate.

Despite this, she’s strong, calm, and collected and wields her sword like it’s no one’s business. However, in terms of damage and utility, she isn’t the best and sits around the middle of the pack.

Sam Slade’s portrayal of Anby has significantly contributed to her popularity in the West. She’s truly embodied the character and every cutscene and line is perfect—which is why so many fans have claimed she was destined to be Anby.

If you’re a gaming fan, you may recognize Sam’s voice in other works, ranging from Leene in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes and Giant Rat in Doomsday Paradise to Topaz in Honkai: Star Rail, and Rosetta in Punishing Gray Raven. The latter title was one of the first games from the developer Kuro Games, the team behind Wuthering Waves, which was the most recent new gacha game to go viral before ZZZ launched.

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