Zenless Zone Zero – Who voices Billy Kid in ZZZ?

In Zenless Zone Zero, a world where raging and speechless monsters roam the streets, you need a voice like Billy Kid’s to carry you through all the violence and despair.

Here’s everything we know about Billy Kid and his voice actor(s) in ZZZ.

Who is Billy Kid’s voice actor in Zenless Zone Zero?

Billy Kid running down a corridor in ZZZ opening
A character to remember. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Billy Kid is voiced by Yu Hayashi (Japanese) and Chen Runqiu (Chinese). His American voice actor is currently unknown, with fans speculating between Troy Baker, Matt Mercer, and Yuri Lowenthal. Few American voice actors are known for the cast of ZZZ, but we can only assume that Billy Kid’s American voice actor is well-versed in dubbing anime or executing lines for RPGs.

Part of Cunning Hares, Billy Kid has the biggest personality of the foursome. Being the only male member of this group, and surrounded by somewhat monotone and stale characters (sorry, Anby fans), Billy Kid stands out in the pack, being one of the first characters you are introduced to in ZZZ. His animated movement is perfectly executed throughout each cutscene and comic strip he’s present in, making him a character you likely want around with you (purely for his dialogue).

A cast filled with standout visuals, character designs, and mannerisms to match, ZZZ is brought to life with its voice acting. While I may be biased towards Japanese voice acting due to their Oscar-worthy performance in every game, show, and anime, Billy Kid’s American voice acting is as memorable as dubbed Haikyu!!. Matching what we typically hear in a dubbed anime episode, Billy Kid has shouts over the entirety of ZZZ‘s cast; with his humorous dialogue, and lively personality.

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