Zenlesss Zone Zero – How to uninstall ZZZ

MiHoYo has a vast portfolio of action games and the simplest installation processes. This also applies to Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ), but you might find yourself confused when it’s time to uninstall.

Like its sibling titles, players can face troubles if they try to delete ZZZ from their PCs. When you use the uninstall option located in ZZZ’s launcher, it often fails to locate the game’s files or just doesn’t delete it completely. This causes players to look for alternate ways to uninstall ZZZ from their PCs. Android and iOS users, on the other hand, have nothing to worry about since deleting a game requires just a couple of taps on their devices.

How to delete Zenless Zone Zero from your PC

You need to use native Windows features to uninstall ZZZ from your PC completely.

  • Open Windows Search and type in “Control Panel.”
  • Select the Control Panel and Choose Uninstall a Program.
  • Locate ZZZ on the list and right-click on it to select Uninstall.

For an added measure, you can also track down ZZZ’s installation folder on your PC and manually delete all the files inside. In most cases, ZZZ’s in-game files should be in your main drive, either inside “Program Files” or “Program Files (x86).”

How to uninstall Zenless Zone Zero from your iPhone or Android phone

Deleting ZZZ from your iPhone or Android phone is remarkably easy compared to the process on a PC. Whether you’re on iOS or Android, the whole process generally involves two to three taps.

  • Press and hold ZZZ’s app icon.
  • Tap on the X icon, which will appear on ZZZ, or choose “Remove App” on iOS.
  • Choose “Uninstall” or “Delete App” on iOS.

Upon making the final call, you’ll uninstall ZZZ from your mobile device, and all of its traces should disappear in a few seconds.

How to uninstall ZZZ on PlayStation

ZZZ’s uninstallation process on PlayStation 5 is more like the mobile process than the PC one, meaning it’s also relatively simple.

  • Go to your game library via the PS5 home screen.
  • Find ZZZ on the list.
  • Highlight ZZZ and press the Options button on your controller.
  • Choose Delete from the sub-menu.
  • Confirm the uninstallation process.

When the uninstallation process is complete on your PS5, you’ll receive a notification.

If you decide not to delete the game, you can treat yourself to some Zenless Zone Zero codes.

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