A new Resident Evil game may be in the works—but not the one you’re thinking of

The anticipation has been growing for a new Resident Evil title following the massive success and critical acclaim of Resident Evil 4 Remake. But players are uncertain as to where Capcom will go next. Another remake? A new game? One leaker believes they have the answer.

AestheticGamer, more commonly known in the gaming community as Dusk Golem, shared a post on Twitter/X today regarding what they claim to be an upcoming Resident Evil title. “I’m choosing to be the one to burst the bubble,” they said in the first of several tweets where they claim that Capcom is not going to announce Resident Evil 9 this summer, nor is it working on a remake of Resident Evil 1 or Resident Evil 5. So, what is the company developing? Dusk Golem claims it’s Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil: Code Veronica, both of which have cult followings and are beloved entries in the Resident Evil franchise.

A close up of Ada Wong from Resident Evil 4.
RE4 Remake proved to be a fantastic game. Image via Capcom

RE9 is pushed back to late 2025 or 2026,” Dusk Golem wrote, but didn’t have much else to say. These claims are, to put it lightly, quite strange, seeing as it would mean Capcom is making a divergence to work on remakes of spin-off titles rather than mainline entries. Over on Reddit, players are skeptical about Dusk Golem’s information, saying they had said Resident Evil 9 would almost definitely be released in early 2025 earlier this month. Another user said Dusk Golem claimed in 2023 that both RE9 and Resident Evil 5 Remake were in development yet now claims the contrary.

The user was also repeatedly struck with Twitter/X’s Community Notes, which claim they “spread false information about Capcom games.”

Whatever the truth may be, Capcom certainly has something in store for us. We’re bound to see a return to the world of Resident Evil in the next couple of years, either through a remake or a new entry in the series.

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