Counter-Strike map designer shares new look at CS2 update for Cache

When CS2 was released, many things were missing, but the absence of one map was particularly felt. Cache, one of the most popular maps in CS:GO, is yet to return to Valve’s latest series entry, but the map’s creator FMPONE has released another update on the port’s progress.

After confirming that a Source 2 port of Cache was in the works, Shawn “FMPONE” Snelling didn’t share much with players aside from a few placeholder screenshots. But today, we finally got a relatively complete look of Mid and a first look at the A bomb site on the updated version of Cache. Mid looks nice and sun-bathed, though the yellow is much less pronounced than when Snelling first shared his work-in-progress images, while the A site looks nearly identical to that of the previous version, albeit with a nice facelift. Source 2, even when things are unfinished, just looks so gorgeous and colorful compared to before.

Compared to Cache in CS:GO, Snelling has opted for angling the military vehicle in the middle of A site much more than previously. This is, according to him, so that CTs have “more retake options” and reduce the pressure from Mid on the site itself. Snelling also said the site is “much bigger than before” and that some things missing from the images, namely the iconic forklift, will be added in due time.

From the textures to the lighting and all the gameplay mechanics taken into consideration, the Source 2 remake of Cache is shaping up well. Though it appears from the work-in-progress material that the map is far from being ready for launch, so many fans likely hope the developer doesn’t take too long.

Cache was an integral part and a core map in CS:GO where some of the most iconic moments in the game’s history occurred. CS2 can never be truly CS without good old Cache.

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