Get excited, card players: A CCG mashup of MTG and LoR is in the works

An upcoming CCG called Chrono is combining popular card game mechanics from Magic: The Gathering and Legends of Runeterra

Tabletop card games are at an all-time high in popularity, while only a few have succeeded within the digital space. But that could be about to change with the Kickstarter launch of an upcoming CCG called Chrono on May 28. With lofty goals like a Limited format and “a competitive system like the golden days of MTG GPs/PTs,” according to designer Jason Fleurant, the Chrono team of devs is ready to challenge dominant digital card games in the CCG space.

The 'Stache shooting green arrows in ChronoCCG
The ‘Stache is an illustration mashup of the content creator Freshlobster and the superhero Green Arrow. Image via Chrono

Chrono is still in its early stages, but the development of the free-to-play CCG so far is impressive. It can only be played on Tabletop Simulator at time of writing but will be available for PC and mobile when it’s officially released.

Much like LoR, the team has created an advanced mana system for casting spells and permanents while including a Wildcard system within card booster packs so players can get the cards they want. Evolving cards, or double-faced cards in the TCG space, are also an integral part of Chrono. And like MTG, there are elements of the Commander format for deckbuilding, a stack for spells called the Chain, a Limited format for Draft and Sealed play, and Instant tap abilities on cards.

The team is heavily focused on competitive organized play for Chrono, creating consistent tournaments to feed into a world championship. The prize pool for Worlds will consist of profits earned from battle pass sales, similar to the strategy used by Dota 2

The first set for ChronoCCG has already been designed, containing 180 cards. Humans (not AI) will illustrate art for the cards, and there are no NFTs involved. To get in on the action, the Chrono Kickstarter page will go live on May 28.

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