All male characters in Wuthering Waves ranked by hotness

With the hype surrounding Wuthering Waves, fans have been creating stunning fan art, theory-crafting team comps, and, of course, loving the zaddies among these attractive male characters.

While not everyone can be dubbed a daddy with a strong jawline, we have ranked the most attractive male characters in Wuthering Waves so far based on everything from their personalities and backstories to skillsets and, of course, appearances.

Hottest male characters in Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves boasts an array of unique characters you can pilot, get to know, and recruit through the gacha systems. Whether you’re drawn to their unique narratives, piercing gazes, or because you like their kit, these characters will surely gain a loyal (and thirsty) fanbase. Ranking characters based on their ruggedness, personalities, and art styles are purely based on preferences, so choosing who’s at the top will differ for everyone. However, fans generally agree about a general ranking.

There are currently seven male characters in Wuthering Waves. However, one character has a very young-looking design and character model. Because of this, Lingyang won’t be featured in this list. But he might be added later if we can confirm his age.

Without further ado, here are the hottest male characters in Wuthering Waves, ranked. As the roster of characters expands, so too shall this list.

6) Male Rover

male rover wuthering waves
The classic anime protagonist. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Kuro games.

The Male Rover is the male version of the main character you’ll play in Wuthering Waves. With his classic anime-style appearance, he has that classic hero, “I’ll save you no matter what it costs me” look in his eyes. Because he has no recollection of his past, you can’t help but want to save him.

Star Rating Elemental Type Weapon
Five star Spectro Sword

5) Aalto

Aalto being attacked in Wuthering Waves
Mist and deception are the source of his power. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Kuro Games.

Aalto may be near the bottom of our list, but he’s the person we’d turn to if we needed information on our enemies. As an elusive Information Broker, his charming smile hides a wealth of intelligence. But he’d surely throw us under the bus if it meant getting his way, and he’d do it with a dramatic flair that matches his personality.

Star Rating Elemental Type Weapon
Four star Aero Pistol

4) Yuanwu

Yuanwu character sheet wuthering waves
The appeal of the silver fox. Image via Kuro Games

Yuanwu is the zaddy of Wuthering Waves, and you can’t help but appreciate his dapper appearance. A martial artist who owns a boxing gym and teaches martial arts, he’s respected for his good nature and pleasantness. He may be the oldest among the male characters, but his electrifying abilities aren’t anything to scoff at.

Star Rating Elemental Type Weapon
Four star Electro Gauntlets

3) Mortefi

Mortefi character card in wuthering waves
That quote, though. Image via Kuro Games.

Mortefi is skilled not only in perfecting that swoopy bang look but also in Applied Tacetite Studies. He has a unique ability to transform his frustrations into fiery attacks, and if the scales on his chest and arms are anything to go by, he might just be a dragon-lover’s dream.

Star Rating Elemental Type Weapon
Four star Fusion Pistols

2) Calcharo

Calcharo splash art Wuthering Waves.
The Lord of the Night. Image via KuroGames

If the Male Rover is the hero, Calcharo is the opposite. He’s the Lord of the Underworld, running an international mercenary group called the Ghost Hounds. But as he’s ruthless, unforgiving, and vengeful, you may not want to get on his bad side. Or maybe you do.

Star Rating Elemental Type Weapon
Five star Electro Broadblade

1) Jiyan

Jiyan's promo card in wuthering waves
Image via Kuro games.

There’s a reason this man is the center of many fan art drawings and why he’s at the top of our list. If there’s a light to Calcharo’s darkness, it would be Jiyan. He’s righteous and the formidable leader of the Midnight Rangers, a military group that protects Jinzhou. Jiyan is one of the best DPS characters in Wuthering Waves, and with his stunning and captivating character design, you can’t help but appreciate this character.

Star Rating Elemental Type Weapon
Five star Aero Broadblade

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