All Monopoly GO Liberty Ballgame rewards, featuring double Bank Heist points

A new Monopoly GO Tournament called Liberty Ballgame is taking place from July 5 to 7, featuring double points for Bank Heist mini-games.

The rewards within the 30-milestone event include Shovel tokens for the Sunset Treasures main event, along with flash events like High Roller and Mega Heist. Here’s how to get the most out of the Monopoly GO Liberty Ballgame rewards and milestones.

Every Monopoly GO Liberty Ballgame reward and milestone

Liberty Ballgame milestones Points to unlock milestones Liberty Ballgame rewards
One 75 Green Sticker pack
Two 50 Four Shovel tokens
Three 100 Cash
Four 175 100 Dice rolls
Five 225 Five Shovel tokens
Six 300 High Roller for five minutes
Seven 275 Eight Shovel tokens
Eight 350 200 Dice rolls
Nine 400 10 Shovel tokens
10 420 Orange Sticker pack
11 400 12 Shovel tokens
12 700 Mega Heist for 25 minutes
13 800 Pink Sticker pack
14 750 400 Dice rolls
15 850 16 Shovel tokens
16 900 Cash
17 1,000 Blue Sticker pack
18 1,200 20 Shovel tokens
19 1,300 650 Dice rolls
20 1,500 Cash Boost for 10 minutes
21 1,800 25 Shovel tokens
22 2,000 Cash
23 2,300 1,000 Dice rolls
24 2,600 30 Shovel tokens
25 3,000 Cash
26 3,500 Blue Sticker pack
27 4,000 Cash
28 4,500 1,300 Dice rolls
29 5,000 Cash
30 5,500 1,800 Dice rolls

The total number of Monopoly GO Shovel tokens within Liberty Ballgame is 130, which is enough to complete at least eight to 10 levels within the Treasure Hunt main event. The number of dice rolls earned for completing all 30 milestones is 5,450, along with five Sticker packs.

What are the best Monopoly GO Liberty Ballgame rewards?

Shovel tokens are a top priority for me and anyone wanting to complete the new Sunset Treasures main event. The last drop is at milestone 24 and I don’t recommend pushing any further unless you are stacked on dice rolls or taking advantage of a High Roller special Monopoly GO event.

Having a High Roller flash event through milestone six can earn you extra rewards from the Fireworks Fortune Solo event and Liberty Ballgame.

Don’t sleep on the Mega Heist through milestone 12, especially if you time it with a daily Mega Heist timed event, giving you an extension. Finding the three Mega Heist Bricks can easily propel you to the top of the leaderboard, especially if you hit it multiple times.

Are the Monopoly GO Liberty Ballgame rewards worth rolling dice for?

Double milestone points for Bank Heists is one of my favorite Monopoly GO tournament structures to play. You can rank up the leaderboard easily, earning bonus rewards, while also gaining the rewards you need for events like the Treasure Hunt. Don’t waste all your rolls completing the event as you only need to get to milestone 24 to maximize your Monopoly GO rewards.

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