Zenless Zone Zero – What’s the next banner in ZZZ?

Zenless Zone Zero has a vast roster of playable characters, with more consistently added in each update. Because of this, it’s important to know what the next banner is so you can save or spend your pulls accordingly.

The nature of the gacha system means you have to carefully plan and decide how you want to spend all of your precious pulls. If you want to ensure you’re ready to recruit the best Agents and grab the best items, you need to know what the next banner in ZZZ is.

Next banner in Zenless Zone Zero

A character holding a gun in Zenless Zone Zero.
Another powerful S-Rank is on the way. Image via HoYoverse

The next banner in ZZZ starts on July 24 and will feature Zhu Yuan and her featured W-Engine Riot Suppressor Mark VI. Both her and her gear are S-Rank, which means they’re the best of the best and you need lots of Master Tapes to get them.

Zhu Yuan is an Ether Attribute Agent who leads the Criminal Investigation Special Response Team and has attack-focused abilities. The Riot Suppressor Mark VI W-Engine boosts the attack specialty since this is what her main skills are based around.

Both Zhu Yuan and her W-Engine will be available on separate banners you can pull on that run for about 20 days. You can only ever get both items from their featured banner when they’re available, so if you miss out on their first run, you’ll need to wait for them to return at a later point.

If you aren’t sure whether you want Zhu Yuan on your team, you can trial her once she launches. Her banner will also include a couple of A-Rank Agents, but who these will be isn’t known yet and most of them will likely be already-released characters who just receive an increased drop rate.

Zhu Yuan in Zenless Zone Zero.
She’s all about damage dealing, so she’ll probably make a strong DPS. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The current and future banners are constantly changing, which means it’s best to plan ahead for who you want. These two assets will return eventually after they leave, but it will likely be a while since there are probably many new recruits and items planned to be released before then.

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