All The First Descendant Intercept Battles, listed

Intercept Battles are among the hardest challenges you can face in The First Descendant, and there’s a long list of tests ahead, which we have outlined here.

Intercept Battles in The First Descendant are extremely important, as it’s the main way to open Amorphous Material to receive crafting items required to unlock Descendants and to craft Ultimate Weapons.

Each Intercept Battle has corresponding Amorphous Materials attached to them, which you can open after completing the battle, and you can find all the details on every Intercept Battle in The First Descendant below.

Every Intercept Battle in The First Descendant

A screen showing all the Void Intercepts available in The First Descendant.
Tick them off. Screenshot by Dot Esports

There are 16 Intercept Battles in The First Descendant, split into normal and hard difficulty. Normal Intercept Battles unlock periodically throughout the main story, while hard missions require you to beat the previous Void Intercept at least once.

Each Intercept Battle has a corresponding level attached, the lowest being the level 10 Grave Walker and the highest being the level 130 Molten Fortress.

You can see all the Intercept Battles in The First Descendant below, alongside their unlock requirement and level.

Name Level Unlock requirement
Grave Walker 10 Complete Humanity’s Scourge Quest.
Stunning Beauty 22 Complete Mysterious Attraction Quest.
Executioner 34 Complete Void Radar Upgrade Quest.
Dead Bride 44 Complete The Consequences of Jeremy’s Actions Quest.
Devourer 54 Complete Continuing Threat Quest.
Pyromaniac 66 Complete Karel’s Trap Quest.
Swamp Walker 82 Complete Turning Crisis Into Opportunity Quest.
Hanged Man 94 Complete A Certain Prologue Quest.
Executioner (Hard) 102 Complete Colossi from Another Dimension Quest.
Dead Bride (Hard) 106 Complete Intercept Battle: Executioner Quest.
Devourer (Hard) 110 Complete Intercept Battle: Dead Bride Quest.
Pyromaniac (Hard) 114 Complete Intercept Battle: Devourer Quest.
Swamp Walker (Hard) 118 Complete Intercept Battle: Pyromaniac Quest.
Obstructer 122 Complete Intercept Battle: Swamp Walker Quest.
Frost Walker 126 Complete Intercept Battle: Frost Walker Quest.
Molten Fortress 130 Complete Intercept Battle: Molten Fortress.

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