Best Bunny build in The First Descendant

Bunny is one of the most popular characters in The First Descendant and the first Descendant you can research. She’s a strong offensive unit that can carry you through the game as long as you have a solid build.

Here’s the best Bunny build in The First Descendant.

Bunny skills in The First Descendant

Bunny overview in The First Descendant
Her defensive stats are quite low. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Bunny always zooms around the battlefield, electrocuting everyone in her way. This is a core part of her playstyle due to how her kit and skills are designed, so be prepared to do the same.

Here are Bunny’s active skills:

  • Thrill Bomb: Summons an Electro Orb to attack nearby enemies and inflict them with Electrocute effect
  • Light Speeding: Sprint Speed increases significantly and acquires more Electricity
  • Lightning Emission: Moving around deals damage to nearby enemies and inflicts them with Electrocute effect
  • Maximum Power: Shoots out electricity forward to inflict damage. Damage increases in proportion to skill duration

On top of active skills, Bunny’s passive skill is also a core part of her playstyle. The Rabbit Foot passive charges Electricity when moving, which, paired with the Light Speeding, allows you to use the rest of her skills.

Best Bunny weapons in The First Descendant

Thunder Cage overview in The First Descendant
You saw the lightning, now prepare for the thunder. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The weapon choice usually depends on personal preference and the activity you’re doing. You might have to choose weapons with stats depending on the enemy resistances, especially when playing Void Intercept Battles.

For general use, the Thunder Cage Ultimate weapon is the best weapon for Bunny. The submachine gun deals Electric damage, AoE on kills, and allows you to take advantage of the corresponding Ultimate Reactor mounting.

Best Bunny Modules in The First Descendant

The First Descendant Module loadout for Bunny
Don’t forget to upgrade them. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The best Modules for Bunny increase her skill stats. Skills are your main source of damage and enemy clearing, so you want to make the most of them. Defensive stats are also useful because Bunny doesn’t have high survivability to begin with.

Here are some of the stats to look for in Modules for Bunny:

  • Skill Effect Range (for Lightning Emission skill)
  • Skill Cooldown
  • Skill Power Modifier
  • Max Shield

You might also need Modules to increase resistance against a specific Attribute depending on the enemy you’re fighting. You can try and get the Electric Condense and Superconductor to improve your skills from the Transcendent rarity Modules.

Best Bunny Reactors in The First Descendant

Reactor in Bunny's build in The First Descendant
Find the one and stash it in your inventory. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You want a Reactor that gives an Electric Skill Power Boost and a Singular Skill Power Boost to empower Bunny’s skills further, especially the Lightning Emission. The Ultimate Reactors require a corresponding Ultimate weapon. This is why, for Bunny, you want an Ultimate Reactor with the Thunder Cage mounting.

Best Bunny External Components in The First Descendant

The First Descendant external component inventory
You don’t have much choice when it comes to components. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The best External Components only unlock after you complete the game on normal difficulty and unlock Hard Void Intercept Battles. That’s when you can start farming dedicated component sets with set bonuses like Supernova and Annihilation Memory that seem most suitable for Bunny.

In the meantime, use the External Components with the highest level that have the following stats:

  • HP Recovery
  • Shield Recovery
  • Max MP

Once again, these aren’t that important while you’re still progressing through the game because you’ll often get higher-level components, and there’s no way to transfer levels like you can with weapons or Reactors.

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