Zenless Zone Zero – How to unlock the ZZZ battle pass

If you want to build your team to become as powerful as possible in Zenless Zone Zero, you need all kinds of important resources. Getting them can be tricky, but the battle pass can be an extremely useful tool if you know how to unlock it.

Gaining access to the battle pass isn’t an easy process since it’s a decent way into the game. Because of this, you might be unsure how to access this system, which means you need to know how to unlock the battle pass in ZZZ.

How to unlock battle pass in Zenless Zone Zero

The Battle Pass in Zenless Zone Zero.
It has so many great rewards you can get. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You unlock the New Eridu City Fund battle pass in ZZZ upon completing the Explosive Last Train quest and talking with the HIA club to finish a tutorial. It’s a decent way into the game, but you can’t miss it as long as you focus on completing main story tasks.

Here’s how you can unlock the battle pass in ZZZ so you can claim all the rewards it offers.

  • Work through all quests you get until you receive Explosive Last Train, which is a mission that lets you trial Nekomata.
  • Completely finish the Explosive Last Train mission by navigating through all required tasks.
  • Wait for a message from the Tin Master.
  • Read the Tin Master’s message.
  • Visit the Coff Cafe.
  • Talk with the Tin Master in Coff Cafe.
  • Talk to the Promoter in Coff Cafe.
  • Make a coffee.
  • Leave Coff Cafe.
  • Continue through the quest to travel to the HIA club.
  • Talk to the Receptionist.
  • Complete the tutorial.
Coff Cafe in Zenless Zone Zero.
You have to navigate quite a few steps to unlock the Battle Pass. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Once you finish the tutorial at the HIA club, the battle pass will be unlocked for you to interact with. You get some battle pass rewards from the free track, but you can also spend money to upgrade to the premium one if you want to claim additional loot.

If you’re hoping to claim additional free rewards, you can also work on earning your 100 free pulls and redeeming some ZZZ codes. The more free loot you claim, the more you can pull on all current and future banners to get the Agents you’re after.

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