Zenless Zone Zero – Best Corin build in ZZZ

Corin Wickes is a playable A-Rank character in Zenless Zone Zero, and she’s a part of the Victoria Housekeeping Faction. Although she mainly works as a housekeeper, Corin is no stranger to combat, and she’s very strong.

To fully understand just how powerful she is, here’s the best Corin build in Zenless Zone Zero.

Best Corin Zenless Zone Zero build

Victoria Housekeeping Faction in Zenless Zone Zero.
The most elegant Faction. Image via HoYoverse

Although she’s an A-Rank agent, Corin is a strong and reliable hybrid damage dealer and with her Physical Attribute, she excels in dishing out a ton of burst damage. She mostly deals single-target damage, and she best performs with another DPS on the team, meaning she specializes in quick-swap and fast-paced playstyle. To use Corin to her utmost potential, it’s necessary you equip her with the best W-Engines, Drives Discs, Bangboo, and level up her right Skills.


Waterfall Soup Shop captured using Photo Mode in Zenless Zone Zero
Everybody, start your engines. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Getting a decent W-Engine is crucial for this build to work. While you still want offensive stats on Corin, she mostly deals burst damage, so any type of weapon that provides utility stats works as well. Luckily, she has a ton of great options for both free-to-play players and light spenders.

Here are the best W-Engines for Corin:

  • Housekeeper (A-Rank)
  • Canon Rotor (A-Rank)
  • Lunar Decrescent (B-Rank)
  • Lunar Noviluna (B-Rank)

Housekeeper is an A-Rank weapon, and not only does it match Corin’s profession, it’s also a perfect fit for her kit. This W-Engine has synergy with Corin because it offers a good amount of CRIT damage and it helps Corin regenerate her energy faster.

Canon Rotor is another A-Rank weapon, and it’s also one of the best W-Engines you can get for Corin. This weapon offers 20 percent CRIT Rate, and whenever Corin lands a critical blow on the opponent, her attack increases by seven percent. 

There are a ton of great B-Rank weapons like Lunar Decrescent and Lunar Noviluna that also work, and you can get them easily from any Signal Search Banner by spending some Polychromes.

Drive Discs

Two characters sitting on top of a car in Zenless Zone Zero.
New journey means new grind. Image via HoYoverse

While W-Engines are important, Drive Discs are also essential for Corin to perform well. They increase her damage and value significantly, and since you’ll use her as a quick-swap DPS, Corin wants a set that boosts her damage. 

Here are the best Drive Discs for Corin:

  • Hormone Punk (four-piece)
  • Fanged Metal (two-piece)

The four-piece Hormone Punk is Corin’s best-in-slot Drive Disc set because it gives everything she needs to deal massive damage. This set increases her attack percent by 10, and whenever Corin enters combat or switches out, her attack increases by an additional 25 percent for 10 seconds, making it a perfect match for Corin. 

For the perfect synergy, two-piece Fanged Metal is the way to go. This set adds 10 percent Physical damage, which is exactly what Corin needs. 

Drive Discs stats and substats

Four characters fighting in a battle in Zenless Zone Zero.
Go get your Discs and keep up with the pace. Image via HoYoverse

Good and proper Drive Discs define a character, but good stats and substats are what make the dream. As a hybrid Physical damage dealer, Corin mostly wants offensive stats, but some utility stats are always welcome.

Here are the main stats you should target:

  • Slot four: CRIT Rate or CRIT damage
  • Slot five: Physical damage or ATK%
  • Slot six: Energy Regeneration Rate

To increase the value of those Drive Discs even more, you should aim for a balanced CRIT ratio, and a decent amount of attack percent and Energy Regeneration Rate as your substats.

Best Corin Bangboo

Army of Bangboos running in Zenless Zone Zero.
I want an entire army of them. Image via HoYoverse

Choosing your little best friend also defines the success of this build. The best Bangboo for Corin is an A-Rank Sumoboo. Although he isn’t flashy, Sumoboo supports Corin and her party members with his passive Physical attacks and inflicts 120 percent Daze to all opponents whose Daze is above 50 percent. 

Corin Skill priority

Just like with everything else until now, investing into Corin’s Skills only increases her damage potential and luckily, you can save a ton of resources by ignoring her basic attack and focusing on the right abilities.

Here are Corin’s Skills you should prioritize:

Corin’s Special attack and her Ultimate are her main source of damage, making them your top priority. Since you’ll play her as a quick-swap DPS, you need to invest into her Dodge because that’ll make her rotations smooth, and the damage will be even bigger. 

Best Corin Mindscapes

Corin Mindscapes in Zenless Zone Zero.
Unlock her full potential. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Although Corin doesn’t need them, she’s an A-Rank agent and since you’ll have a lot of pulls to get some of her Mindscapes, you should aim for her best ones. Her Mindscape one and four are the best ones because they increase her Ultimate damage by 12 percent, as well as Energy Regeneration Rate.

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