Genshin Impact’s new nation Natlan makes first appearance—and it’s beautiful

It’s time for Genshin Impact’s nation of Hydro, Fontaine, to take a bow so players can continue their journey to the next nation. HoYoverse decided to officially reveal Natlan today and its beauty left the entire Genshin player base in awe. 

On July 5, HoYoverse shared the first teaser trailer for an upcoming region, Natlan, on its official X (formerly Twitter)—and it left players speechless. The nation of Pyro and war is set to be released in Genshin’s Version 5.0, and thanks to the first teaser trailer, players got a glimpse of what’s to come, from beautiful landscapes to new characters, opponents, and more.

The Great Red Sand, Teyvat map.
I can’t wait to explore the new region. Image via HoYoverse

Natlan is the sixth nation of Teyvat, and although its location is across the Sumeru desert, the trailer showcased its beautiful and diverse landscapes, which is unusual for a nation of war. From giant red mountains to canyons, forests, and big rivers, as well as fighting new opponents, players will have their hands full once the new region drops.

“Natlan looks stunning, I cannot wait,” a player commented on Genshin’s official X post. 

And while that goes to show that players are excited to explore and have fun with the new region, there are many others who are amazed by the reveal of new characters.

“Omg love the characters, please tell me that there will be tall hot male characters I beg you, if there is imma [swipe] my credit card over and over,” another player commented on Genshin’s official X post.

Aside from revealing the new region, two new female model characters and one male model character were showcased in the trailer. While their rarities and elements are still unknown, it’s estimated that their official splash arts will be revealed once Genshin Version 4.8 goes live, which is also Fontaine’s last version.

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