All Ultimate Weapons in The First Descendant and how to get them

The First Descendant has an arsenal stacked full of weapons to use in the fight against the Vulgar but none are as good as the Ultimate Weapons—so how do you get them? We have the answer.

Ultimate Weapons in The First Descendant are significantly more powerful than other weapons you will loot, though this is counter-acted by the fact they are much harder to get your hands on—and that’s before the hours of research time it will take.

If you’ve got your eye on a specific Ultimate Weapon or are wondering what you should target next, our definitive guide has you covered.

All The First Descendant Ultimate Weapons

The Research requirements for the Thunder Cage in The First Descendant.
First of many. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Ultimate Weapons can not be obtained as random loot drops and must be researched with Anais at Albion. Before you can do so, however, the corresponding materials will need to be looted from specific missions in The First Descendant.

You can see all the Ultimate Weapons in The First Descendant below, along with information on their crafting requirements, research time, and more.

Name Type Special Ability Research Time Cost Mastery Rank Materials
Afterglow Sword Sniper Rifle Nightmare Reaper Four hours 100k Gold 15 1x Afterglow Sword Polymer Syncytium
1x Afterglow Sword Synthetic Fiber
1x Afterglow Sword Nano Tube
1x Afterglow Sword Blueprint
Albion Cavalry Machine Gun Stun Synergy Four hours 100k Gold One 1x Albion Cavalry Polymer Syncytium
1x Albion Cavalry Synthetic Fiber
1x Albion Cavalry Nano Tube
1x Albion Cavalry Blueprint
Blue Beetle Scout Rifle Arcane Wave Four hours 100k Gold 10 1x Blue Beetle Polymer Syncytium
1x Blue Beetle Synthetic Fiber
1x Blue Beetle Nano Tube
1x Blue Beetle Blueprint
Clairvoyance Beam Rifle The Thing Beyond Four hours 100k Gold 15 1x Clairvoyance Polymer Syncytium
1x Clairvoyance Synthetic Fiber
1x Clairvoyance Nano Tube
1x Clairvoyance Blueprint
Divine Punishment Assault Rifle Prayer Four hours 100k Gold 10 1x Divine Punishment Polymer Syncytium
1x Divine Punishment Synthetic Fiber
1x Divine Punishment Nano Tube
1x Divine Punishment Blueprint
Enduring Legacy Machine Gun Craftmanship Four hours 100k Gold 15 1x Enduring Legacy Polymer Syncytium
1x Enduring Legacy Synthetic Fiber
1x Enduring Legacy Nano Tube
1x Enduring Legacy Blueprint
Executor Shotgun Impending Judgement Four hours 100k Gold 15 1x Executor Polymer Syncytium
1x Executor Synthetic Fiber
1x Executor Nano Tube
1x Executor Legacy Blueprint
Fallen Hope Assault Rifle Perdition Four hours 100k Gold One 1x Fallen Hope Polymer Syncytium
1x Fallen Hope Synthetic Fiber
1x Fallen Hope Nano Tube
1x Fallen Hope Blueprint
Final Masterpiece Handgun Masterpiece Four hours 100k Gold One 1x The Final Masterpiece Polymer Syncytium
1x The Final Masterpiece Synthetic Fiber
1x The Final Masterpiece Nano Tube
1x The Final Masterpiece Blueprint
Greg’s Reversed Fate Tactical Rifle Shaping Destiny Four hours 100k Gold One 1x Greg’s Reversed Fate Polymer Syncytium
1x Greg’s Reversed Fate Synthetic Fiber
1x Greg’s Reversed Fate Nano Tube
1x Greg’s Reversed Fate Blueprint
King’s Guard Lance Beam Rifle Guardian Four hours 100k Gold 10 1x King’s Guard Lance Polymer Syncytium
1x King’s Guard Lance Synthetic Fiber
1x King’s Guard Lance Nano Tube
1x King’s Guard Lance Blueprint
Naziestra’s Devotion Handgun Fanaticism Four hours 100k Gold One 1x Naziestra’s Devotion Polymer Syncytium
1x Naziestra’s Devotion Synthetic Fiber
1x Naziestra’s Devotion Nano Tube
1x Naziestra’s Devotion Blueprint
Perforator Hand Cannon Detect Four hours 100k Gold 15 1x Perforator Polymer Syncytium
1x Perforator Synthetic Fiber
1x Perforator Nano Tube
1x Perforator Blueprint
Piercing Light Sniper Rifle Purification of Light Four hours 100k Gold 15 1x Piercing Light Polymer Syncytium
1x Piercing Light Synthetic Fiber
1x Piercing Light Nano Tube
1x Piercing Light Blueprint
Python Submachine Gun Python Instinct Four hours 100k Gold 10 1x Python Polymer Syncytium
1x Python Synthetic Fiber
1x Python Nano Tube
1x Python Blueprint
Restored Relic Launcher Ancient Technique Four hours 100k Gold One 1x Restored Relic Polymer Syncytium
1x Restored Relic Synthetic Fiber
1x Restored Relic Nano Tube
1x Restored Relic Blueprint
Secret Garden Tactical Rifle Gardener Four hours 100k Gold 15 1x Secret Garden Polymer Syncytium
1x Secret Garden Synthetic Fiber
1x Secret Garden Nano Tube
1x Secret Garden Blueprint
Sigvore’s Proof Launcher Mad Bomber N/A N/A N/A Pre-season Season Pass
Smithereens Shotgun Fearlessness Four hours 100k Gold One 1x Smithereens Polymer Syncytium
1x Smithereens Synthetic Fiber
1x Smithereens Nano Tube
1x Smithereens Blueprint
The Last Dagger Handgun Ultimatum Four hours 100k Gold One 1x Last Dagger Polymer Syncytium
1x Last Dagger Synthetic Fiber
1x Last Dagger Nano Tube
1x Last Dagger Blueprint
Thunder Cage Submachine Gun Overcharge Four hours 100k Gold One 1x Thunder Cage Polymer Syncytium
1x Thunder Cage Synthetic Fiber
1x Thunder Cage Nano Tube
1x Thunder Cage Blueprint
Wave of Light Submachine Gun Splendor Four hours 100k Gold 10 1x Wave of Light Polymer Syncytium
1x Wave of Light Synthetic Fiber
1x Wave of Light Nano Tube
1x Wave of Light Blueprint

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