Among the Wild offers creature-collecting, Palworld-like chaos—and you can play it soon

Among the Wild is bringing a fresh approach to the world of creature-collecting games with adorable creatures that have already stolen our hearts—and the first chance to play it is right around the corner.

It’s not a surprise to see more creature-collecting titles emerge following the success of Palworld, which is set for a boost later this month with a huge content update, but Among the Wild is not a clone and will provide its own brand of chaos.

A cute critter in Among the Wild.
I want one. Image via Nugget Entertainment

A first look at the title, from Swedish developer Nuggets Entertainment, took place at the PC Gaming Show at Summer Game Fest, where the weird, wonderful, and most spherical creatures made an immediate impression.

While Palworld allows you to use the power of the creatures you find in your adventures to assist you in combat, crafting, and everything else, there’s a different style in Among the Wild where it seems these adorable blobs may be a bit of a hindrance.

Speaking to PC Gamer, Nuggets Entertainment founder Tim Badylak described them as “a pain in the ass and “you have to serve them more than they serve you.”

It seems these bizarre creatures have a mind of their own, which has caught even Badylak himself off guard, with the unscripted behavior proving to be the “best moments” of development so far.

Among the Wild is still very early in development but a closed alpha test is planned for later this year, giving fans the first opportunity to experience the game, before an early access launch at a yet-to-be-specified date.

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