Killing Floor 3 gets weapon customization, revamped Zeds, and a release window

Fans have been waiting a long time for further details on Killing Floor 3 and those prayers have now been answered—including the announcement of a release window.

A sequel to the second entry in the series from eight years ago, Killing Floor 3 has flipped the script by revamping Zeds into much more formidable foes, though the scales are balanced by the introduction of weapon customization.

A Zed in Killing Floor 3.
Left 4 Zed. Image via Tripwire Interactive

Killing Floor 3‘s Zed upgrades include Crawlers having the ability to climb walls and the chainsaw-wielding Scrake, now equipped with a grapple hook, with the changes coming with the purpose of increasing the danger levels.

Speaking to PC Gamer, game director Bryan Wynia explained Zeds are “now more like unique challenges” and, while there are now less Zeds to fight and a slower pace to combat, you “have to deal with problems like the fact Husks can fly now.”

Big changes have been made to specialists, which replace the class system in previous entries to the series, have a specific set of guns they can purchase rather than giving you unlimited potential in your arsenal—but you also get what Wynia refers to as “the oh shit button,” essentially an ultimate ability to level the playing field.

A big addition is the introduction of weapon customization, something Wynia says the “community has wanted for a long time” that “allows you to take a gun and play with it the way you want to.”

If that’s more than enough to whet your appetite, the good news is you don’t have to wait too much longer as Killing Floor 3 has been given a release window of early 2025.

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