Best Ajax build in The First Descendant

The First Descendant has a stacked roster of characters you can play as, and Ajax is a popular choice, so we’ve outlined the best possible build you can use.

Ajax is one of three starter options in The First Descendant and, with a high amount of defense and a Tank role, is a solid choice to begin with. While you won’t be dishing out massive amounts of punishment, you can play an important role in your squad.

If you’ve picked up Ajax and want to maximize his strengths in The First Descendant, you can find everything you need to know in our guide.

Ajax Active Skills in The First Descendant

Ajax's page in The First Descendant showing his skills.
Shock and awe. Screenshot by Dot Esports

As a Tank character, Ajax’s Active Skills in The First Descendant are heavily defense-orientated and focus on crowd control. We’ve outlined all of Ajax’s Active Skills below:

  • Orbit Barrier: Creates a shield in front of Ajax. Durability increases proportionality to Ajax’s HP and DEF.
  • Hypercube: Creates a dome-shaped shield. Durability increases proportionality to Ajax’s HP and DEF.
  • Void Walk: Leap into the air and land on the ground to strike nearby enemies, inflicting stunning effects.
  • Expulsion: Strike nearby enemies and knock them back.

Alongside the four Active Skills, Ajax also has a Passive Skill that provides Void Energy when skills are used, with Singularity increases per stage, reducing cooldowns. At maximum, Void Energy enhances skills to provide additional effects.

Best Ajax weapons in The First Descendant

The best weapons for Ajax are those that take advantage of status effects, like stun, inflicted upon an enemy. Naturally, the best in class are Ultimate Weapons, but these can be tricky to get your hands on due to the required materials for crafting and research time.

Albion Cavalry is the best weapon for Ajax in The First Descendant as it grants additional damage to stunned enemies, which pairs well with Ajax’s Void Walk skill, and Python Instinct is also a good choice as it debuffs an enemy for the entire team when you hit a weak point.

If you don’t have access to either of those Ultimate Weapons yet, use a high-powered machine gun of your choice as your main weapon, as it’s the perfect option for dishing out high DPS while in defensive bubbles, and pair it with a high-powered shotgun and handgun.

Best Ajax Reactors in The First Descendant

Reactors in The First Descendant provide varying boosts to each character and their skill type, so it’s important to have the right pairing when building the best loadout for Ajax—and there’s a clear choice.

As Ajax’s skills are Dimensional and Tech, use a Reactor that boosts Sub Attack Power. As Ajax is geared more toward using his Active Skills than primary weapons, this provides the best possible boost.

Best Ajax Modules in The First Descendant

A screen showing Ajax's equipped modules in The First Descendant.
Make your pick. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The best modules for Ajax in The First Descendant are those that increase his defensive statistics and skills. We’ve listed some of the stats you should be looking for in Modules for Ajax below:

  • Shield Conversion
  • Tech Specialist
  • Increased Shield
  • Increased HP

Of the four, Tech Specialist is the most important as it grants more power to Ajax’s Void Walker and Expulsion skills, but boosting Ajax’s maximum Shield and Health is a priority so you can protect your teammates.

If you’re not sure which of your modules to use, hit the ‘Equip Recommended Module’ option in the Modules screen for the game to automatically select a complete set for you. However, this might not prioritize the boosts you are looking for.

Best Ajax External Components in The First Descendant

Just like Modules, the best External Components for Ajax in The First Descendant increase his defensive stats. When looking for the perfect External Component for Ajax, prioritize those that boost the following:

  • Max HP
  • Max Shield
  • Defence (DEF)

If you’re facing a specific enemy, you can also look for an External Component that provides resistance to a certain damage type, but eventually, you should look to complete Ultimate External Component Sets.

Each set provides additional bonuses for having two of the same set equipped and four of the same set equipped, which can transform your build significantly.

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