Zenless Zone Zero – How to unlock the Music Store in ZZZ

Drive Discs are your Artifacts in Genshin Impact or your Relics in Honkai: Star Rail. You can either farm them or craft them in the Master Copy. But in Zenless Zone Zero, you must unlock the Music Store to fine-tune your Drive Discs.

Zenless Zone Zero introduces Drive Discs as soon as you reach level 20. You’ve probably walked past the Bardic Needle Music Store several times while completing Officer Mewmew’s challenges to find Bangboo or Cargo on Sixth Street. It’s not hard to put two and two together and realize that there’s more to Drive Discs than just equipping them as you get them. In this guide, I’ll show you how to unlock the Music Store and explain every level-up upgrade in Zenless Zone Zero.

How to open the Music Store in Zenless Zone Zero

Music Store offers in ZZZ
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The Music Store unlocks at Inter-Knot level 25 in Zenless Zone Zero. In the Bardic Needle, you can craft your own Drive. The Drive Disc system isn’t tied to any gacha mechanic, so as long as you’ve got the required materials, you can choose the Drive Disc you want.

Alternatively, you can farm Drive Discs in the Routine Cleanup in Scott Outpost. Two Drive Discs drop in each stage, which you can customize from Level 30 to 60 according to your preferences. The harder the difficulty, the rarer the Drive Discs you can get.

You can dismantle the materials you get at the Routine Cleanup to craft Drive Discs at the Music Store in ZZZ.

All Music Store upgrades in Zenless Zone Zero

As you level up the Music Store from one to six, you get options to further customize your Drive Discs in Zenless Zone Zero. Here’s every level up for the Music Store and when it should happen depending on your Inter-Knot level:

  • Unlock the Music Store at level 25: Beginner Tuning lets you produce A-Rank Drive Discs.
  • Music Store level 2 (Inter-Knot level 30): Increases drop rate of the selected set to 50%.
  • Music Store level 3 (Inter-Knot level 35): Intermediate Tuning lets you produce S-Rank Drive Discs.
  • Music Store level 4 (Inter-Knot level 40): This lets you select a partition to tune.
  • Music Store level 5 (Inter-Knot level 42): Advanced Tuning gives you a guaranteed S-Rank Drive Disc.
  • Music Store level 6 (Inter-Knot level 45): Unlocks the Orientation main stat.

As your Music Store upgrades, your ventures in the Routine Cleanup in Scott Outpost should too. Select higher-level challenges to get better quality materials and craft the best Drive Discs at the Music Store in Zenless Zone Zero.

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