Best Sharen build in The First Descendant

The First Descendant’s stacked roster of playable characters gives you plenty to choose from, but those orientated around high single-target damage will lean towards Sharen—and we’ve got the ideal build for you.

With the ability to turn invisible, Sharen is the perfect choice in The First Descendant when infiltrating Outposts and earning the bonus rewards, but she can also be utilized to play a pivotal role in any team.

If you’re considering picking up Sharen or unlocked already, we’ve got a build that can make her even stronger.

Sharen Active Skills in The First Descendant

A screen showing Sharen's active skills in The First Descendant.
Shock and awe. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Sharen is great for single-target damage in The First Descendant, particularly when using Ambush to inflict extra damage on her next attack after exiting Active Camouflage. Sharen’s Active Skills are:

  • Cutoff Beam: Inflicts damage and Electrocution on enemies in front of Cutoff Beam.
  • Active Camouflage: Hides self from self from enemy sight. Attacking an enemy while in this state immediately ends Active Camouflage and activates Ambush.
  • Shock Nuts: Fires build-in Impact Rounds from the arm forward, inflicting Stun.
  • Flash Shortsword: Generates multiple Shortswords and fires them at a designated target. Hit enemies take Burst damage and are inflicted with Electrocution. Cancelling does not trigger a cooldown.

Sharen’s Passive Skill in The First Descendant is Assassinator, which resets the Active Camouflage skill cooldown when an enemy is defeated while the Ambush effect is active—making for a great skill rotation where you exit camo, kill an enemy, activate camo, and repeat the process.

Best Sharen weapons in The First Descendant

The best weapons for Sharen in The First Descendant are those that maximize single-target damage. Of all the options, the best gun is the Afterglow Sword Sniper Rifle, an Ultimate Weapon that provides an extra critical chance when attacking bosses.

A strong machine gun like Enduring Legacy or Thunder Cage is great for clearing smaller mobs, while Nazeistra’s Devotion is a top pick for those confident of hitting a weakpoint on an enemy as it reduces their defense for three seconds when struck.

Of course, these Ultimate Weapons will take some grinding to get, and if you don’t have any of the above, a strong sniper rifle, machine gun, and hand cannon are solid options.

Best Sharen Reactors in The First Descendant

When choosing a Reactor for Sharen in The First Defendant, the priority should be a high Skill Power and Sub Attack Power, or one that boosts Skill Critical Hit Damage, and ideally should have an Optimization Condition that matches your weapons.

Tingling Reactors should be the focus as Sharen deals electric damage with her skills, specifically with Fusion and Dimension. The ones to look out for specifically are Tingling Mixture and Tingling Phase to boost those skills.

Best Sharen Modules in The First Descendant

An example of Modules equipped to Sharen in The First Descendant.
Mix it up. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Sharen’s Modules should be focused on reducing skill cooldown time, improving defence, and boosting Skill Power, so the following should be priorities when equipping Modules to Sharen.

  • Increased HP
  • Nimble Fingers
  • Strong Mentality
  • Skill Extension
  • Increased Defense
  • Spear and Shield

Of those, Spear and Shield are the most vital as they boost Skill Power and your defense, while Strong Mentality, reducing Skill Costs, and Skill Extension, increasing Skill Duration, should also be at the top of your list.

Best Sharen External Components in The First Descendant

Finding the right External Components in The First Descendant leaves you relying heavily on RNG, but there are a few areas you should look to improve with Sharen to boost her defensive statistics. They are:

  • Max Shield
  • Max HP
  • HP Recovery
  • Defense

If you’re facing a specific enemy or boss, you can also look out for an External Component that provides resistance to a particular damage type, but the end goal should be to complete an Ultimate External Component Set for additional bonuses.

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