Best Tamer build in The First Descendant

A weapon doesn’t have to be incredibly rare to be great in The First Descendant. Tamer is one of the best rare weapons in the game you can get, thanks to its high DPS potential.

Tamer is a rare machine gun in The First Descendant that uses General Rounds and is one of the strongest rare DPS options, making it perfect for tough Void Intercept Battles like Pyromaniac or Dead Bride.

To make the most of this gun, here’s our best build for the Tamer in The First Descendant.

Best Modules for Tamer in The First Descendant

Tamer Module loadout in The First Descendant
Maximum damage. Screenshot by Dot Esports

For the Tamer, you want Modules that increase its DPS as much as possible through stats like Critical Hit Rate, Critical Hit Damage, Fire Rate, and Firearm ATK. Your mobility with this weapon is low, and you can’t do much about it since it’s a machine gun.

Here are some of the recommended Modules for the Tamer:

Module Effect
Rifling Reinforcement Increases Firearm ATK
Fire Rate UP Increases Fire Rate
Expand Weapon Charge Increases Rounds per Magazine
Better Insight Increases Firearm Critical Hit Rate
Better Concentration Increases Firearm Critical Hit Damage
Insight Focus Increases Firearm Critical Hit Rate and Critical Hit Damage
Weak Point Detection Increases Weak Point Damage
Weak Point Sight Increases Weak Point Damage

When building Critical Damage on the weapon, try to get at least 50-60 percent of the Critical Hit Rate to deal consistent damage. You can also add Modules that increase attribute damage, like Electric Enhancement or Chill Priority, but those depend on what you’re fighting.

Best stats for Tamer in The First Descendant

Tamer Weapon Readjustment menu in The First Descendant
Don’t forget to lock in good stats. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The stats you need on the weapon are similar to what you need on Modules. Because Tamer is a rare weapon, using weapon adjustment is significantly cheaper and faster than on Ultimate weapons, so try to get as many rare and Ultimate stat rolls as possible to maximize damage.

Here are the stats to look for on the Tamer:

  • Weak Point Damage
  • Firearm ATK
  • Firearm Critical Hit Rate
  • Firearm Critical Hit Damage
  • Bonus Firearm ATK (vs. Colossus)

How to get Tamer in The First Descendant

Order's Occupied Facility mission marker on the map in The First Descendant
Five minutes to get your new DPS monster. Screenshot by Dot Esports

If you still don’t have a Tamer in your collection or want to farm more copies instead of rerolling stats, it’s very easy to get. These missions are quick and have a 50 percent chance of dropping the Tamer, so you can quickly get exactly what you need.

Here are some of the missions that drop Tamer:

  • Order’s Occupied Facility mission in White-night Gulch Observatory.
  • Void Fusion Reactor void mission in White-Night Gulch Mountaintops.
  • Abandoned Reconstruction Site in Agna Desert The Remnant.
  • Void Fragment void mission in Agna Desert Miragestone.

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