When is the next Once Human server wipe?

Every few weeks, the world of Once Human resets to give players a chance to start on level pegging, so knowing when that happens is essential to getting ahead of other players.

When the server wipes, every building, territory, and progress resets with it. It’s like starting the game fresh, albeit keeping any paid cosmetic items you might have had for your character at the time and any paid content.

So, when does the next wipe begin?

How do server wipes work in Once Human?

Picture of a Deviant taken by Photo Mode in Once Human.
Begin anew. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Once Human will experience the next server wipe on Aug. 20, 2024, and when it does, the next season of content will begin.

Each season lasts around six weeks from the last wipe, and when the wipe happens, instead of the map resetting and missions going back to square one, the developers give players a chance to explore different maps with different creatures and missions to take on.

You also get to keep the items and resources they obtained in the previous season scenario, and they transfer to the next one, so you won’t need to restart completely. Any items you had in the last season get moved to a play called Eternaland, which effectively acts as the game’s creative mode to give you a personal space to build whatever you want with the tools you unlocked.

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