How to get Multi-Composite Receivers in The First Descendant

The First Descendant is filled with various materials to gather and use on research to unlock new items, but Multi-Composite Receivers are confusing—so we’ve broken down everything you need to know here.

Multi-Composite Receivers in The First Descendant is a material that should not be that difficult to obtain, yet many players, myself included, have spent hours in the game without picking up this material a single time, and we’ve done our best to solve this mystery.

Where to find Multi-Composite Receivers in The First Descendant

The Access Info screen for Multi-Composite Receivers in The First Descendant.
Only one way. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The only way to obtain Multi-Composite Receivers in The First Descendant is by dismantling weapons. As per the in-game Access Info, these can be provided for dismantling weapons of Standard, Rare, and Ultimate rarity.

You need luck on your side if you are chasing Multi-Composite Receivers, however, as these appear to be a rare drop. I have completed the main story of the game and defeated the Hanged Man, dismantling hundreds and hundreds of weapons along the way, but I’m still yet to get a single Multi-Composite Receiver.

It may be that Multi-Composite Receivers are not implemented into the game yet, despite showing in the Access Info menu, as you would expect me to have gotten at least one by now. On top of that, the only research with Anais I’ve spotted requiring Multi-Composite Receivers is Phase Exchangers—which can also be crafted using Superalloy, a material much easier to obtain.

The First Descendant is due for several updates this year, however, as shown in the roadmap, so we may see Multi-Composite Receivers become easier to obtain or required for more research in the future.

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