F1 2024 career mode lets you control real drivers for the first time

In F1 2024’s career mode, you’ll be able to play as real drivers for the first time, providing a more authentic experience.

Previously, the career mode in EA Sports’ F1 franchise was orientated solely around player-created drivers, putting them on an existing team or creating your own. While that option remains, there’s an entirely new way to play.

Cover art for the standard edition of F1 2024.
New challenges await. Image via EA Sports

In F1 2024, which is being released on May 31, you can choose to play career mode as any member of the existing F1 roster, select a driver from F2, and even decide to bring an icon from the past back to the grid.

This ties directly into the new Accolades feature, where the goals are very different across the grid and are set by a driver’s real-world achievements—with an obvious goal for Lewis Hamilton being to win an eighth world title, while players controlling Lando Norris will be seeking a first win.

These Accolades set short, medium, and long-term goals in career mode, with further goals being set by the new Specialists, who work with you to achieve goals and meet objectives—but you’re fully able to flip the script.

As part of F1 2024‘s all-new contracts system, you can choose to enter secret meetings with rival teams to discuss a potential move—but there’s a risk in doing so as it could lead to rumors or controversy.

New features also provide a boost to the career mode beyond the first season, where things often stagnate. You’re given optional R&D scenarios to choose from, varying from limitations to development and financial difficulties, all the way to an unlimited budget.

As a player who often gets bored of F1’s career mode after completing a single season, the ability to shake things up for future seasons is welcomed, though it’s more likely I’ll start a new career with a different driver and work toward achieving their specific accolades.

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