How to recruit Cait in Fallout 4

In Fallout 4, the nuclear wasteland of the Commonwealth may seem like a troubled place, but recruiting a companion makes it a lot easier. One companion you can recruit in the early game is Cait, and we’ll show you how.

Cait is a steel-willed and aggressive Irish companion who sticks by your side while you’re out exploring Fallout 4‘s atomic aftermath. If you want a tough companion who can aid you in sticky situations, keep reading.

How to recruit Cait in Fallout 4

You find Cait fighting robots in the Combat Zone in the eastern corner of Diamond City next to the District of Greater Boston. You can even visit her while you’re on a quest, but be aware of the Raiders guarding the area.

The marker on the Pip-Boy showing the location of the Combat Zone in Fallout 4
Combat Zone location. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Fighting the Raiders can be tedious if you’re ill-prepared, but playing on a lower difficulty or bringing another companion with you can even the odds. 

Once you bring the Raiders to their knees, head inside the caged ring and speak with a Ghoul called Tommy, who’s Cait’s manager. While talking to Tommy, choose to discuss Cait until you get an option to recruit her.

Cait’s weapons in Fallout 4

Since Cait is no beginner to the world of violence, her base weapons are a double-barrel shotgun and a baseball bat. To fully utillize her hand-to-hand combat potential and save shotgun shells, try giving her a heavy melee weapon.

How to increase your affinity with Cait in Fallout 4

There are over a dozen companions to recruit in Fallout 4 and each has likes and dislikes that raise or lower your affinity with them. If you want to improve your affinity with Cait, perform the following actions:

  • Recruit Cait as your companion through the main questline
  • Start taking higher doses of Chems until you become reliant on them
  • Lockpick doors and pickpocket other NPCs
  • Start consuming alcohol
  • Get naked

These actions increase your affinity with Cait and unlock her questline. But remember, as much as Cait enjoys violence, she also dislikes killing innocent civilians, donating money, and cannibalism, which she thinks is too extreme.

How to complete Cait’s Companion quest in Fallout 4

Once you’ve reached the maximum level of 999 affinity with Cait, she asks you to help her get rid of her dependency on Chems by taking her to Vault 95. This starts the Benign Intervention companion questline.

Vault 95 is marked on your Pip-Boy in the southern section of the Commonwealth. Simply follow the marker until you reach the vault, but beware of the turrets, guards, and high radiation surrounding the area.

After heading inside the vault, follow the quest marker until it takes you to the Clean Room. Have one last conversation with Cait before she begins the sobriety process.

Once the process is completed, Cait will be sober and you’ll be earning the Trigger Rush perk and a chance to romance her in Fallout 4.


Once Cait gets sober from Chems, she will dislike your character’s dependence on them.

What is Cait’s companion perk?

Cait’s companion perk is one of the strongest perks offered by a follower in Fallout 4. The perk, Trigger Rush, grants your character 50 percent faster Action Point regeneration when your health is 25 percent or lower.

How to romance Cait 

After reaching maximum affinity with Cait, a dialogue option appears that lets you begin a romantic relationship with her. Like other companion relationships, you get a temporary perk called Lover’s Embrace every time you sleep with her. It lasts 8 hours and gives you a 5-percent XP bonus.

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