Fans of the Fallout TV series are attempting to make their favourite characters in Fallout 4

Amazon’s Fallout TV show has brought new life to the decades-long franchise, and of course, players want to combine as much of the games with it as possible. Recreations of the show’s characters are cropping up everywhere, particularly in Fallout 4, whose robust character creator is perfect for the job.

One of the best custom characters based on the show is a Reddit user’s Lucy-inspired Fallout 4 female protagonist. They shared their masterpiece in an April 27 thread to a very positive response, and deservedly so. The character is the spitting image of the Fallout show’s lead protagonist, played by Ella Purnell, and makes maximum use of the game’s incredibly detailed character creator. The only thing that’s missing is the hairstyle, though the one they used is close enough.

Over on the NexusMods, modders have published preset characters based on the Fallout show’s Ghoul, or Cooper Howard, both in his human and ghoul forms. For maximum roleplay, players can make use of console commands to switch between the two depending on whether or not they’re in the prologue or otherwise. The recreations look fantastic, especially the ghoul one, and allow players to continue their immersion in the show in the video games that inspired it. There is also a Cooper Howard mod for Fallout: New Vegas, because of course it would have a cowboy-like character.

The Fallout TV show, created by Amazon, reinvigorated Bethesda’s flagship franchise. Since its release, the games have had their player counts increased tenfold or more, with Fallout 4 breaking into Steam’s Top 10 and toppling gaming sensations like Helldivers 2. Fallout 4 and 76 were both in the top five best-selling Steam games for a while, and the entire series has once again been put in the spotlight.

Out of all video game adaptations, the Fallout show is likely one of the most impactful, at least in terms of generating sales for its source.

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