Palworld shows off new Pals, teases new island and content for summer update

Palworld already confirmed a massive update is coming to its world this summer. But today, we got our first look at just what’s coming in that release, including more Pals and an entirely fresh island to explore. 

First shown off at the ID@Xbox showcase on April 29, the new Palworld island seems to be roughly themed around Japan during the spring as cherry blossom trees shower certain areas with their petals and Pals that fit the tone. From shrines to torii gates, it looks like there will be plenty to explore when this summer update drops in the coming months. 

Palworld Summer update Cherry Blossom biome.
Summer update bringing spring views. Screenshot via Xbox

For the new Pals, we saw a frog wearing classical samurai clothing and practicing swordplay with a stick, a fancily dressed bird, what looked like a mix between Dinossom and a mushroom, and another mystical fox-ish creature. We didn’t get names or other information for these Pals, nor any additional context for what else will be added—though we do know a general outline of what is to come. 

According to previous roadmap updates from Pocketpair, the summer update will feature “never-before-seen scenery and thrilling adventures on a new island, home to many new Pals,” which is mostly what we saw in this teaser. Along with that, we know more buildings, weapons, features, and potential bosses will be added. Unfortunately for fans of Palworld, the PvP Arena is not one of those new features as Pocketpair mistakenly announced that the new combat mode would be a part of the summer update before backtracking and slating it for a general 2024 release—meaning it will launch later this year. 

With Raid Bosses already added in the last major update and players having spent more than 1.3 billion hours with the game since it launched in January, we should be in for a treat once Pocketpair is ready to drop the next wave of content.

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