Forget GZW, you can play Tarkov in the original DOOM with new mod

With its incredible retro-pixeled results, a Doom mod will amaze fans of Escape from Tarkov and Gray Zone Warfare. The 1993 FPS title will boast a free mod that incorporates all the weapon customization features of these games. The mod goes by the name Call of Doom: Tarkov.

With the whole debacle of the survival realist title getting a version that costs $250, players began to look for alternatives to Escape from Tarkov; Gray Zone Warfare received a huge boost from players looking for the Tarkov experience elsewhere. Call of Doom: Tarkov is ideal for fans of these kinds of games, which are mostly about realism on the battlefield. This Doom mod will have a ton of weapons to customize while looking like a classic FPS from the 1990s when it releases on May 25.

In 2012, the announcement and subsequent cancellation of a remake of the original Doom from 1993 sparked the idea for his mod. The modder, Arrowood, aimed to merge the classic first-person shooter gameplay of this game with Call of Duty, ultimately transforming the project into Call of Doom.

This mod can be downloaded on ModDB. Call of Doom: Tarkov anticipates the weapon customization of Escape from Tarkov, with all the 90 weapons available in the game—and it’s free for those downloading. The mod will have all of Doom’s enemies, like the Cacodemons and floating skulls, but to defeat them all, the player will have to use an arsenal similar to what Escape from Tarkov has. You can customize every weapon to the smallest details, enhancing the realism of the experience.

Players using this mod will encounter rusty or damaged weapons, making the player feel vulnerable, according to the mod’s description. There will also be compatibility between the ammo and the weapons the player has in their backpack, so they will not waste any space carrying items that are not useful.

In the description, Arrowood says the level requires more than an hour to complete. He wants to make fast-phase FPS experiences that players will enjoy without many complications or additional things in the map that have nothing to do with the game.

So go wild, Tarkov cast-offs. Maybe what you needed all along was a dose of old-school gaming.

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