Joker tricks his way into MultiVersus with community riddles, but this is only the beginning

MultiVersus is nearing its relaunch, and Player First Games has finally revealed the first new character joining the roster. Thanks to the power of solving riddles, the Joker has officially been revealed for the game. 

Starting on May 7, the official MultiVersus Twitter page invited players to join the community Discord and help unlock a mystery box. Over the next 22 hours, 10 different riddles were given and players spammed potential answers until the lock was broken and maniacal laughter echoed from within—giving everyone a first look at the Joker in MultiVersus

Joker posing near a fireplace in MultiVersus.
The Clown Prince is ready for his closeup. Image via Player First Games

It isn’t a surprise to see Batman’s biggest nemesis and one of the most popular villains in all of media joining the MultiVersus lineup, bringing a large bag of tricks to the game as a Mage Class fighter. Notably, he has a heavily damaging crowbar, a chargeable rocket launcher, and a set of card-themed projectiles that cycle between three unique effects when used. 

It sounds like Joker is voiced by Mark Hamill, meaning this could be the final game we hear Hamill’s Joker play off of Kevin Conroy’s Batman following the latter’s passing in November 2022. 

This reveal was a long time coming, as Joker appeared in multiple data mines for MultiVersus dating back to its first set of closed testing. Reports saying the character was originally supposed to be included in the open beta as a DLC fighter, only to be pushed back behind others like Black Adam, have also popped up here and there—though their validity is still not confirmed. 

With Joker, we now have our first new character coming to MultiVersus when it relaunches on May 28. PFG co-founder and game directory Tony Huynh also teased that Joker is “but the beginning,” meaning we should get even more reveals in the coming weeks as we rapidly approach the finish line.

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