Gray Zone Warfare dev hypes up future roadmap: ‘Game is only 20 to 30 percent done’

Gray Zone Warfare, the open-world multiplayer tactical shooter reminiscent of extraction shooter Escape from Tarkov, has enjoyed a ton of popularity on Steam since releasing in early access on April 30. But the final product could look drastically different, according to developer MADFINGER Games.

Rick Lagnese, the PR and comms director for MADFINGER Games and Gray Zone Warfare, said in a recent interview that the game currently only features roughly a quarter of the features and content the devs are hoping to include.

“We are working on a roadmap that we hope to disclose soon, because there is a lot of content,” Lagnese told Insider Gaming’s Grant Taylor-Hill. “There [are] so many other things that will come that will shape and evolve with Gray Zone [Warfare] because the game is only around 20 to 30 percent done.”

Lagnese only touched on just a few of the new features and content that the team would like to implement, including a day and night cycle, dynamic weather effects, a crafting system, and the ability to discover and explore the “ground zero” area in the center of the map. While Lagnese said the day and night cycle “should come soon,” he added that the biggest and most immediate priority continues to be improving performance and optimization.

“We have a patch that can hopefully fix a couple hundred things if possible,” Lagnese said. “That’s really what our focus is. We don’t want to see people crashing, especially if they have a good PC.” Performance has been one of the standout issues among all players, but even many of the negative reviews on Steam that are critical of game performance say there’s a fun game underneath all the issues.

Lagnese also said the team is currently deliberating on how to approach wipes (both manual and automatic) and faction changes but will heavily consider community input before making any final decisions.

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