MADFINGER eyes cosmetic packs for Gray Zone Warfare—but CEO wants revenue to go to charity

Gray Zone Warfare is smashing through sales milestones during its early-access period, but the developers at MADFINGER Games have said if the company does adopt the sale of cosmetic packs, the money would go to a good cause.

When asked about the possibility of selling cosmetics by Insider Gaming’s Grant Taylor-Hill, MADFINGER comms and PR director Rick Lagnese said any microtransactions in Gray Zone Warfare will be purely cosmetic with the proceeds going to charity.

“We’ve said from the beginning that we’re not going to do microtransactions in the way you would normally look at it,” Lagnese said. “If we do something with cosmetics, the boss wants to do 100 percent donated to charity. This is not going to be for profit of the company.”

In response to those who wonder how the game will continue to make money, Lagnese hinted that a price change—or more specifically a price increase—could occur as the game gets closer to its full release “1.0” status.

“This game is only 20 to 30 percent done, so the prices for the game [are] not always going to be the same,” Lagnese said. “Of course, sometimes we’ll do a sale, but as the game gets better, we might change the packages [and] the pricing. The closer we get to version 1.0, that’s when you could see an increase in price.”

Lagnese said, though, he feels GZW is at an “incredibly fair price,” citing two players who completed all 133 tasks and have put in roughly 150 to 160 hours—implying they got good value out of the game. Currently, the base game is priced at $34.99, with three different edition upgrade levels ranging from $23 to $65. At this time, only the most expensive Supporter Edition offers any cosmetics, in the way of an exclusive supporter name color and badge, as well as a GZW shirt, trousers, and gloves.

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