GOG to delete cloud saves over 200mb

Starting Aug. 31, GOG.com will delete cloud save files over 200 MB in size. 

The company shared this announcement on GOG.com, posting a message urging players to review their cloud save storage and back them up if need be. The 200 MB limit applies to each game, not to all your games collectively stored in GOG’s cloud storage, so you likely don’t have to worry about the majority of your save files, only those that are unusually large.

Before you start panicking about losing your save files, let us reassure you this change will not affect your locally saved storage. In fact, only users who like to make multiple save slots and keep them on GOG’s Galaxy’s cloud storage will need to react. Still, if you did make a separate manual save after every mission in Cyberpunk 2077, you may want to check your Cloud storage just in case.

Crossroads showing a bright shop and skyscrapers.
You might want to review your Cyberpunk 2077 save files just in case. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Even though limiting cloud save storage sizes might sound like a bad move, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue for most GOG users. After all, even save files of larger games are usually much smaller than 200 MB. 

You can view and manage your GOG Cloud storage by visiting this link (and logging into your GOG account). Cloud saves exceeding 200 MB are marked in red, and you can download and save any excessive files.

Cloud Saves have been a touchy subject in the gaming industry. Some companies, like Microsoft, Steam, and GOG, make them available free of charge for all players. On the other hand, Nintendo and especially Sony lock Cloud saves behind a mandatory subscription, and users lose access to them as soon as the subscription runs out.

While it’s sad that some users will have to limit cloud saves of certain games to only 20 MB, it’s still great GOG is offering this service at no additional cost. It’s also great that you always have the option to back up your cloud save files even if they grow beyond the limit.

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