Helldivers 2 next Warbond adds new camo cosmetics to hide in the jungle

It’s that time of the year again. Helldivers 2 is sending more reinforcements to the front lines with a new Warbond and a new Warbond structure moving forward.

On June 6, Helldivers 2 announced the next Warbond, Viper Commandos, which is themed around jungle warfare. The Warbond is set to release on June 13 and features plenty of items to unlock, including patterns—the first vehicle customization item in the game.

Patterns are essentially skins for your vehicles. There’s a woodland and tiger stripe camouflage pattern for Hellpods, Exosuits, and your trusty Pelican-1 shuttle. Aside from patterns, you can expect to see traditional cosmetic items, including capes, emotes, and armor sets with the Peak Physique passive.

Weapons in this Warbond are designed for close-range encounters. The new primary weapon, the AR-23A Liberator Carbine, is a modified version of the classic Liberator with higher recoil and handling. SG-22 Bushwhacker is a new secondary, and it’s a triple-barrel sawed-off shotgun with two firing modes.

The utility items in Viper Commandos are a throwing knife and the Experimental Infusion booster. While the throwing knife is self-explanatory, the booster allows stims to boost your movement speed and reduce incoming damage for a short time.

The Viper Commandos Warbond has fewer weapons and more cosmetics when compared to previous Warbonds, and this is something Helldivers 2 seemingly aims to do moving forward. According to the blog post from Arrowhead Game Studios, the developer wants to slow down the pace at which Warbonds release and focus more on the quality of content instead of adding more of everything. The goal is to make room for new item types and higher-quality armor and weapons instead of something boring and redundant.

This aligns with Arrowhead’s previous statements to slow down the patch cadence and focus on making better content for Helldivers 2, including balancing already existing weapons.

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