This divisive sci-fi horror is coming to Game Pass—so you can try it yourself

June appears fruitful for Game Pass owners as Microsoft continues to spice up the roster with new games. One game in particular, however, is coming to the service next week—Callisto Protocol—so you can experience its divisiveness for yourself.

Made by former developers of the Dead Space franchise, including its original creator Glen Schofield, Callisto Protocol aimed to be the spiritual successor to the acclaimed series. But it failed to captivate audiences with lots of jump scares and a lack of what made Dead Space unique and horrifying. Add to that EA’s own remake of Dead Space, which went on to receive much praise from critics and players, and you’ve got yourself a very nasty situation. Nevertheless, Microsoft deemed it worthy to feature on the Game Pass, so you can try it yourself as of June 13 on PC and the Xbox.

An image of The Callisto Protocol
Callisto Protocol failed to reach the height of its inspiration. Image via Striking Distance Studios

Apart from the controversial horror title, Microsoft will also be adding numerous other games, most of which have much better review scores. At the time of writing, you can play Octopath Traveller 1 and 2 through the Game Pass. Isonzo and Depersonalization will launch side-by-side with The Callisto Protocol on June 13, and five days later, Still Wakes the Deep will release as a day-one Game Pass title.

Bramble: The Mountain King, High on Life, Rune Factory 4, Spacelines from the Far Out, and The Bookwalker will all be departing the service on June 15, so make sure you give them a try before they’re gone.

Microsoft continues reshaping and expanding its Game Pass service with new titles. In only a few months, one of the biggest franchises in the industry, Call of Duty, will also reach the Game Pass shelves with its upcoming Black Ops 6 title.

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