Gray Zone Warfare players beg devs to fix teamkilling grenade glitch as looters run rampant

Gray Zone Warfare‘s early access period has entered its third week, and while most players have enjoyed working their way through the many quests and dabbling in PvP, some have been encountering trolls of another kind—their own allies.

Players are today calling on developers MADFINGER Games to address an annoying “grenade glitch” that has popped up in Gray Zone Warfare where allies can blow up their teammates and steal their loot. The glitch was originally used to loot the base’s AI soldiers, who carry some pretty sweet gear, but a few unsavory troops found the bug works on players too and now they’re nabbing their hard-earned gear along the way.

Soldiers with weapons patrol an area in Gray Zone Warfare
Throwing grenades at teammates should be a bannable offense. Image via MADFINGER Games

“I was logged on for like five seconds just now messing with settings, and went in a shack and was immediately blocked from leaving by some douche with a nade in his hands,” one player said in a May 14 Reddit thread. In short, if a GZW player throws a cocked grenade and then logs out before it explodes, the ‘nade bypasses friendly fire protection and can kill friendly AI and teammates. A second player who is teamed up with the culprit then loots the body—meaning a full inventory reset for the victim.

One player questioned why friendly fire was even on inside base camp, while others called for the devs to install an “immortal” mode if a player makes it home safely. Certain mechanics, like the inability to walk through allied players, also contribute to the bug taking hold; a player would stand at a doorway to a room and block the victim in before the second player threw the grenade in, killing the victim and allowing the blocker to nab the gear.

Switching to the PvE-only mode Joint Operations helps somewhat until this gets fixed. Allies cannot loot friendly players who die in Joint Operations, but the now-damaging glitch can still be performed and is incredibly annoying, especially if you’re just waiting for the chopper so that you can deploy and complete a few missions.

MADFINGER hasn’t responded publicly just yet, but given the rising outcry, it’s only a matter of time before the devs look into the bug. In the meantime, go about your business in Joint Operations for now and save the PvP for a later date.

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