Xbox launches massive discounted game list ahead of 360 store closure

Microsoft has been in hot water for the last few weeks, and with the closure of the Xbox 360 store on the horizon, things could have gotten worse. Instead, anyone worried about missing some soon-to-be delisted games will now have an incredible chance to grab them before they disappear. 

On July 29, the Xbox 360 Store will be discontinued as Microsoft ceases support for the ability to purchase new games, DLC, and other content from that marketplace after 18 years. This won’t stop users who purchased those products from accessing them or enjoying some titles on new consoles thanks to backward compatibility, but this option isn’t available for every game. As a result, once that store goes down, access to hundreds of older games could be potentially cut off—which is why Xbox is stepping in, at least temporarily. 

A paused frame of the Xbox 360 logo loading in the boot screen.
One last ride for the classic console. Screenshot via Microsoft

Starting on May 14 and running until the store closes on July 29, Microsoft is partnering with as many publishing partners as possible from the last nearly two decades to give players the ultimate chance to fill out their Xbox 360 digital catalog. A cultivated list of Xbox 360 games, made up of those being delisted and others that will remain available, is now live with price reductions ranging up to 90 percent for over 60 titles. 

From Cloudberry Kingdom and Dogfight 1942 to Tomb Raider and Worms Revolution, you can pick up plenty of classic games at heavily reduced prices for the next two months. Not only is this list already live, but it will also receive two updates—one on June 18 and one on July 16—with more games added leading up to the shutdown. 

This is the exact opposite of how Nintendo handled the closure of the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U eShop in 2023 and the recent shutdown of those consoles’ online services. Already, fans of older games are thanking Microsoft for giving more people a chance to grab some classic titles before they officially disappear from the Xbox ecosystem for good. 

This is not anything new for Microsoft, as backward compatibility and game preservation have become more central to the Xbox brand. That has not, however, distracted the industry from the company’s recent decision to close Tango Gameworks and Arkane Austin, along with other potential job cuts and negative changes coming down the line despite Microsoft’s soaring earnings.

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