How to destroy Void Fragments in The First Descendant

Void Fragments are a type of mission in The First Descendant. These missions require a specific approach, with the objective requiring you to destroy its namesake so that you can earn Void Shards as a reward.

Here’s how you can destroy the Void Fragments in The First Descendant.

How to complete Void Fragment mission in The First Descendant

Void Fragment mission in The First Desendant
Electric Void Fragments with Bunny are the fastest way to farm Shards. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Every Void Fragment mission in The First Descendant requires you to have a Descendant of a specific attribute (element). When you open the mission overview on the map, it says what type of Descendant you need, like Electric or Fire Descendants.

Equip the right Descendant and head to the Void Fragment. You have to destroy the Void Fragment using the Descendant’s abilities. There are three phases, with waves of enemies between each one. Kill all enemies and destroy the Fragment to earn rewards.

Completing the Void Fragment mission grants some one-time rewards, like Mastery EXP and weapons, but most importantly, every completion awards you with different types of Void Shards. These missions are farmable and respawn every 20-30 seconds, so you can spend your entire day playing these missions.


If you participate in a Void Fragment mission without a matching Descendant, you won’t get the Void Shards for completing it.

What are Void Shards used for in The First Descendant?

Void Fusion Reactor in The First Descendant
The chances of a Transcendent Module are really low. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Void Shards you get from the Void Fragment mission are used for the Void Fusion Reactor mission. Void Fusion Reactor doesn’t require a specific Descendant, but it does require specific Void Shards you can see in the mission overview.

For one run of Void Fusion Reactor, you usually need three runs of a Void Fragment mission. When you have enough Void Shards, interact with the Fusion Reactor and kill the commanders that spawn.

The main reason to run these missions is to get Transcendent Modules for your Descendants. Transcendent Modules, like the Electric Condense for Bunny, change the character’s skills or mechanics in some way, allowing you to explore new playstyles. However, these Modules have incredibly low drop rates (around one or two percent), so be prepared for a long grind.

Aside from Modules, you can also open specific Amorphous Materials at the Reconstructed Device that spawn after completing the mission.

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