How to get Timeless Turali Cloth in Final Fantasy XIV

You need to find several resources and materials for crafting projects in Final Fantasy XIV and they don’t all appear in the same place. One of the more difficult materials for you to track down is the Timeless Turali Cloth, which appears at a specific location if you’re lucky.

Unlike other materials or resources, the Timeless Turali Cloth does not appear while playing as a Disciple of Land profession. Instead, it requires you to complete a specific activity and won’t always be a reward. You might have to complete the activity several times before seeing the cloth drop, making it difficult to finish crafting projects in FFXIV.

Where to get Timeless Turali Cloth in Final Fantasy XIV

How to get Timeless Turali Cloth in Final Fantasy XIV
Investigate Treasure Maps for a chance to get Timeless Turali Cloth. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The only way you can get a Timeless Turali Cloth to drop in your Final Fantasy XIV game is by potentially looting it by completing a Timeless Loboskin or Timeless Br’aaxskin Treasure Map. These Treasure Maps are only available if you can access the Dawntrail expansion and you’ve leveled up your character’s Disciple of Hand profession, the Botanist, Fishing, or Mining profession, and loot them from a level 100 harvesting node. After collecting one Treasure Map, another doesn’t have a chance to drop for 18 hours.

Alternatively, if you do not have a level 100 Disciple of Hand profession, you can purchase these Treasure Maps from the Market Board. The price you need to pay for it does vary based on what other FFXIV players believe the item is worth. You may have to spend a lot of Gil to add one to your collection.

For those who want to complete a solo Treasure Map, I recommend going with the Timeless Loboskin. You should be able to do this one by yourself if your character’s Disciple of War or Disciple of Magic profession is level 100. But if you’d rather complete a more difficult challenge with a group, the Timeless Br’aaxskin Treasure Map is more suitable for a group of eight level 100 Final Fantasy XIV players to complete.

The Timeless Turali Cloth won’t always drop from these Treasure Maps, though. You may have to run the activity several times before you see one drop, or other players may loot it before you do if they win the roll if you go with a group. The Timeless Turali Cloth is required for crafting the Turali Trade’s Shoes, Shirt, or Culottes in Final Fantasy XIV.

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