Zenless Zone Zero – When does Miyabi release in ZZZ?

One of the best parts of Zenless Zone Zero is the massive roster of playable characters you can collect. This collection also continuously grows, which means there are always fresh faces on the horizon, like Hoshimi Miyabi.

Miyabi is the head of the Hollow Special Operations Section 6 Faction and a highly adept martial artist. She’s a pretty powerful unit and quite a unique-looking one too, so here’s when Miyabi will be released in ZZZ so you’re ready to add her to your roster as soon as you can.

Miyabi release date in Zenless Zone Zero

Miyabi looking to the side in Zenless Zone Zero.
Slash your way to victory with this powerful damage dealer on your team. Image via HoYoverse

Miyabi’s official release date in ZZZ is not currently known, but she’s expected to become playable in Version 1.1, which means she might launch on or around Aug. 14. If she does launch during this update, she could either be part of the first banner on Aug. 14 or be on the second one launching around three weeks later around Sept. 4.

She’s a fairly mysterious unit so far, so it’s not yet known whether she’ll be available on her own banner as a featured S-Rank or if she’s instead an upcoming A-Rank. This means she may be the main recruit on a banner or a featured A-Rank with a boosted drop rate on an S-Rank’s exclusive banner instead.

Although she’s not out yet, we got to playtest her in the beta and she had the Ice Attribute with the Slash attack type. She was an A-Rank unit during the beta tests, but she might launch as a featured S-Rank instead due to her immensely impressive and powerful abilities. Her skills were so impressive during the beta tests before ZZZ launched that she was deemed broken and was taken out of the game. She hasn’t been playable since, but you can see her in a story cutscene and she has quite a dramatic entrance.

Miyabi is currently expected to be an S-Rank due to her general gameplay and the way she has appeared in cutscenes lining up with S-Rank status far more than A-Rank, although we won’t know for sure which one she is until her official launch is closer. Only the immediate next banner is known for now, but we’ll likely hear more about Miyabi in the coming weeks.

Miyabi holding her sword and looking ahead while in battle in Zenless Zone Zero.
Her first appearance is one you won’t forget. Screenshot by Dot Esports

While you’re waiting for Miyabi to become playable, there’s still lots to do around New Eridu to prepare for her arrival. You might consider reviewing our Bangboo tier list to pick the best allies to pair with Miyabi, claim your 100 free pulls so you have wishes available to spend on her, and learn how to trial characters so you can test her out as soon as she arrives.

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