How to fix ‘Game Security Violation detected’ error in The First Descendant

If the annoying “Game Security Violation detected” error in The First Descendant has left you perplexed and looking for answers, you aren’t alone. 

While anti-cheat systems are crucial to tackling unfavorable player behavior in competitive video games, facing errors because of such features is no fun. The First Descendant has the popular Easy Anti-Cheat protecting its battleground’s integrity. Unfortunately, besides doing its job, the anti-cheat has also been causing hiccups like the “Game Security Violation detected” error, preventing players from launching the game.

Thankfully, you can try a few workarounds to help fix the notorious anti-cheat errors in The First Descendant—here’s everything you need to know.

“Game Security Violation detected” error in The First Descendant, explained

Bunny character running in front of explosion in The First Descendant.
Nothing scary about this error, we promise. Image via Nexon Games

According to several reports recorded since its release, the “Game Security Violation detected” error appears when you try to launch The First Descendant, so it’s probably blocking you from playing the game.

Don’t worry—as scary as that message may look, you have likely not violated any code to cause trouble. In fact, this error is common in games using EAC and is believed to be caused by a botched installation of the anti-cheat. Thankfully, one workaround can help mitigate it—here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to your Steam library, right-click on The First Descendant, and select Manage.
  2. Now, select Browse local files. 
  3. Double-click on EACLaunch. 

This should help kickstart EAC if it’s not running already and help fix the error. If not, you can try the following workarounds:

  1. Check if Windows Defender is blocking any of the game’s security features. Choose to allow The First Descendant through the firewall from Windows settings to help fix such issues. Go to the Windows Defender settings, click Allow an app or feature through the firewall, and select the game. 
  2. Check if there’s a pending update to the game and complete it.
  3. Verifying the integrity of files may help solve the error. Open the game’s Properties page by clicking the gear icon and go to the Installed Files tab. Here, you’ll see the option to verify the integrity of game files. Select it and allow the process to complete before relaunching the game.
  4. If nothing works, try uninstalling and reinstalling The First Descendant. This should help fix the issue with EAC’s installation. 

One of the workarounds should help solve the “Game Security Violation detected” error in The First Descendant for you. But if it doesn’t, we recommend dropping a support ticket for Nexon Games to look into. 

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