How to unlock Blair in The First Descendant

Blair is a fiery chef with a variety of skills. He has a vast arsenal of explosive attacks useful in many combat scenarios and is a strategic damage-over-time specialist, making him a valuable Descendant.

Here’s how to unlock Blair in The First Descendant.

How to unlock Blair in The First Descendant

Image showing Blair in The First Descendant.
These are the materials you need. Screenshot by Dot Esports

There are two ways to unlock Blair. The first and easiest way is to purchase him for 300 Caliber by navigating to the shop tab in the main menu. He’s noticeably cheaper to purchase than other Descendants, like Valby. The second (and more daunting) way is to craft him through research, which requires several materials.

To craft Blair, visit Magister Anais, located southwest of Albion. Speaking to her triggers the research menu. Navigate to the Descendant section of the menu and select Blair. This section shows you all the resources needed to craft the Descendant’s materials. The four major materials you need to craft include Blair Enhanced Cells, Blair Stabilizer, Blair Spiral Catalyst, and Blair Code.

You have to craft each of these materials individually before fully crafting Blair. Each material requires specific resources you can gather from certain locations during missions.

The items you need include:

Blair Enhanced Cells 

  • Blair Enhanced Cells Blueprint 
  • Repton (192)
  • Semiconstant Plasma (225)
  • Arche Receptor (15)
  • 150,000 gold

Blair Stabilizer 

  • Blair Stabilizer Blueprint 
  • Repton (192)
  • Hardner (453)
  • Data Processing Circuit (Nine)
  • 150,000 gold

Blair Spiral Catalyst 

  • Blair Spiral Catalyst Blueprint
  • Metal Accelerant (270)
  • Hardner (453)
  • Monite Stone (16)
  • 150,000 gold

Blair Code

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary materials, head back to Albion, talk to Magister Anais, and select Research Request. Crafting Blair costs 400,000 Credits. You must also wait 16 hours for him to be crafted.

Blair uses a variety of impressive skills. This includes his passive, Pitmaster, which increases critical hit damage when attacking enemies that have Burn. Blair also has four Active Skills. Blaze Up spurts flames and creates a Stove, which inflicts constant Burn damage. Extinguish retrieves Stoves in the battlefield and restores Mana, Burn Taste brings forth flames that inflict constant damage and the Burn effect, and Deadly Cuisine throws a large fireball forward that splits into smaller balls, causing a larger explosion.

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