When does Luna release in The First Descendant?

The First Descendant burst onto the scene following a global launch on July 2, but players are already excited for new content, so when does Luna get added as a playable Descendant? We have the answer.

The First Descendant has a long list of playable Descendants to choose from, but there are even more to come, and Luna will be the first addition to the quota of playable Descendants when she’s added to the game.

Luna already appears in the main story, but you can’t unlock her right now—but the wait isn’t too long, as we’ve explained below.

Luna release date in The First Descendant

An image showing The First Descendant roadmap for 2024.
Lots to come. Image via @TFDAlert on X

According to the official roadmap, Luna will join The First Descendant in early August. However, a specific date and time for her arrival has not been stated.

Luna’s arrival is part of the first major content update for The First Descendant, which will also see the introduction of Ultimate Valby as a playable Descendant and a new Colossus, Gluttony, to face in Intercept Battles.

The early August update will also add a new Ultimate Weapon and new skins—and you won’t have to wait much longer for another huge update, as season one in The First Descendant is due to arrive on Aug. 23.

Season one will add even more content, including a new Descendant, a new Descendant story, and a new Ultimate Descendant, alongside new Ultimate Weapons, skins, season progression, field completion, and more.

The first season of content in The First Descendant will provide three updates throughout the season until early December when season two commences.

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