How to get Timeworn Loboskin Treasure Maps in Final Fantasy XIV

There are several Treasure Maps for you to find in Final Fantasy XIV as you attempt to gather precious resources. Those playing in the Dawntrail expansion are likely on the hunt for Timeworn Loboskin Treasure Maps and the many rewards that come with tracking one down.

The Loboskin Treasure Map is one of the two new maps you can earn while playing Dawntrail. There’s a specific way to track them down or an alternative for those who have the money to purchase them from other players. Both options work for any FFXIV player, and here’s what you need to know about how to get Timeworn Loboskin Treasure Maps.

Where to find Timeworn Loboskin Treasure Maps in Final Fantasy XIV

Searching for Timeworn Treasure Maps in Final Fantasy XIV
Use your Botanist, Fishing, or Mining Skills to track down these Treasure Maps. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You can only track down a Timeworn Loboskin Treasure Map and find it in the wild by harvesting from level 100 trees, mineral deposits, rocky outcrops, fishing holes, or vegetation patches in the Dawntrail region. You can only harvest from these locations and have a chance at looting a Treasure Map if your character has reached level 100 in any Disciple of the Land profession. This means your character needs to be a Botanist, Fisher, or Miner in Final Fantasy XIV.

These are the regions where you can uncover a Timeworn Loboskin Treasure Map in FFXIV:

There’s a chance that when harvesting from these regions, a Timeworn Loboskin Treasure Chest may appear as a reward. You can search any of these regions for Botanist, Fishing, or Mining nodes, specifically at level 100. These nodes are only available briefly, but they should refresh. All players can harvest from the same area, so don’t be afraid to visit these locations with friends.

If you have the Treasure Map appear on the node and you harvest it, the map becomes yours. But after looting this Treasure Map, the chance to loot another one won’t happen for another 18 hours in real time. After this timer finishes, the Treasure Maps have a chance to appear once again.

Alternatively, you can check the Market Board in your data center to see if any players have placed them up for sale. Their prices may vary, but if you want to shore up multiple Treasure Maps and do them all at once, buying them from other FFXIV players is always a good idea.

When you use a Loboskin Treasure Map, you want to be a level 100 Disciple of War or Disciple of Magic and defeat the enemies guarding it. You should be able to do this by yourself, but you can invite other players to join you on this adventure in Final Fantasy XIV. There’s a good chance you can loot exclusive rewards that only drop from these treasure chests, such as exclusive crafting resources or unique appearance items.

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