How to unlock and complete the Reckless Challenge in Zenless Zone Zero

Although a majority of Zenless Zone Zero‘s gameplay is a solo affair, there was one mode where you could jump into the action with fellow players against bosses: the Reckless Challenge.

The Reckless Challenge was a game mode that players could access through the player’s VR headset back at Random Play, which is the main character’s base of operations alongside their sibling.

Players could start up these challenges to face off against a weekly boss where you’d fight with up to two teammates, play as only one agent, and rely on dodge mechanics instead of assists since you wouldn’t have other characters to swap to. This mode also gave you some important resources to gather, making it a fun way to collect some currency to upgrade your various gear.

If you’re looking for another weekly challenge to complete, here is everything we know about the Reckless Challenge in ZZZ.

Where is the Reckless Challenge in Zenless Zone Zero?

Corin cutscene in ZZZ
The game is changing. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Unfortunately, the Reckless Challenge has been replaced in ZZZ for the Notorious Hunt game mode, which can be found at the Scott Outpost. Previously, players could jump right into some cooperative action from the safety of their own office, but now, that feature has been removed.

In the Notorious Hunt, the co-op aspect of the game mode has also been removed, meaning that you’ll need to face off against these bosses alone. They will still give you rewards for completing these challenges, but if you’re looking for multiplayer modes, you’ll unfortunately have to stick with the various arcade games that pair you up with others.

To unlock the Notorious Hunt, you have to progress the storyline until the second chapter intermission, where you’ll be introduced to Ophelia at the Scott Outpost. After a short conversation, you’ll have the ability to start up challenges against a collection of tough bosses.

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