Zenless Zone Zero – Best Piper build in ZZZ

If you’re looking for a decent damage dealer for your Zenless Zone Zero team composition, you could pick up Piper Wheel to control the battlefield and drift into the winner’s circle.

Piper is an A-tier Anomaly with Physical-based damage who hails from the Sons of Calydon and can only be acquired through the game’s gacha system, Signal Search. Players can find Piper in both the exclusive banner and regular banner and she has an acquisition rate of about 9.4 percent.

She can be a powerful addition to any early-game team compositions, especially when you’re lacking some of the better options for main or sub-DPS characters. For those looking to grind through the early stages of the game, here is the best Piper build in Zenless Zone Zero.

Best Piper build in Zenless Zone Zero

Piper stats in ZZZ
Shut up and drive. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Best W-Engines for Piper in ZZZ

W-Engine Effect
Roaring Ride (Piper’s Signature W-Engine) Collision Potential: When Piper hits an enemy with an EX Special Attack, one of three effects will trigger for five seconds, and these effects can trigger once every 0.3 seconds. Repeated effect triggers will reset the duration, which gives Piper multiple effects at once.

The three effects are an ATK increase of eight percent, an Anomaly Proficiency increase of 40, or an Anomaly Buildup Rate of 25 percent.

Electro-Lip Gloss Kiss of Death: When enemies inflicted with Attribute Anomaly are active, Piper’s attack is increased by 10 percent, while also dealing 15 percent more damage to the affected targets.
Fusion Compiler Data Flood: Increases Piper’s attack by 12 percent. When she uses a Special Attack or EX Special Attack, her Anomaly Proficiency increases by 25 for eight seconds. It also stacks up to three times for maximum efficiency.
Roaring Ride in ZZZ
Revved up for battle. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Best Drive Discs combinations for Piper in ZZZ

Drive Discs Full Piper effects
4x Freedom Blues
2x Fanged Metal
Since Piper is dealing a ton of Anomaly-based Physical damage, Freedom Blues’ four-set gives her the ability to lower an enemy’s resistance to her own damage type. Fanged Metal, on the other hand, gives her even 10 percent more Physical damage for her kit.
4x Fanged Metal
2x Freedom Blues
Although the Freedom Blues-based combo is best for an Anomaly-type like Piper, Fanged Metal’s four-set is a strong contender since it increases her Physical damage along with the increased Assault to targets.

Best Drive Disc stats and substats for Piper

For the most efficient Drive Disc on Piper, you’ll need a handle on the best stats and substats for your Drive Discs. Since Piper should focus on her Anomaly-based skills, here are the best main stats and substats you should aim for when building out a proper Piper build:

  • Disc four: Anomaly Proficiency
  • Disc five: PEN%
  • Disc six: Anomaly Mastery

You’ll also need Anomaly Proficiency substats to really boost and maximize your abilities in the field as you blast from one enemy to the next. These Drive Discs are meant to elevate her ability to hold her own as a sub DPS, while also helping other Anomaly users if you choose to run full Anomaly compositions.

Best Bangboo for Piper in ZZZ: Magnetiboo

The best Bangboo to equip alongside Piper is Magnetiboo since not only does he deal his own Physical damage, but he also increases damage by 30 percent and has increased active skill range when there’s one Anomaly-based character on your team.

Skill priority list for Piper in ZZZ

There are a few different abilities that Piper is reliant on in ZZZ for success, so you’ll need to keep track of which skills you’re leveling up first. There are six different skills that Piper has available, but here are the best skills to max out first as you ascend to new power levels:

  • Special Attack
  • Core Skill
  • Chain Attack/Ultimate
  • Basic Attack
  • Assist
  • Dodge

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